Attitudes that only the best online fitness coaches have

If you already enjoy teaching people how to build a healthy lifestyle and even more building a specific body physique, loss fat or be better in their sport, the career of personal fitness trainer or coach is your day to day operation and your reality. Now it is time to ask yourself what next for you, maybe event for your team if you build one. Considering moving to an online model of business, this is what next!
I know you will have some concerns and a lot of questions, and I’m happy to help.

Becoming an online fitness coach has some excellent perks:

  • You can reach a greater audience, and help them.
  • The money flow is going to increase.
  • Like in any other online business, you will gain more freedom.

Here at you are going to find many lessons that would help you to become the best online fitness coach.

Work for your audience, not for your idol (ego)

A common mistake that I have seen in many new online coaches is that they tend to create content according to what they think might be liked by their fitness heroes, idols or person of inspiration. Even worse sometimes they copy them.

The fact is that if you want to connect with the public to help them to reach their goals you need to start structuring your content to make it easily understandable for people that are just starting with fitness.

Be open-minded about guidance from other experts.

It is beneficial to have access to people with different perspectives about the goals you have, how to achieve them and overall your career path. That is why you should be looking for someone that has already obtained what you are seeking for and learn from them, but not copy them.

Create a conversation or honest talk with someone successful in the niche you want to exist; this can be more helpful than reading many books about the subject, besides you will be proven that your goals are possible.

Teach with actions

Your future clients expect that their online fitness coach looks like someone well trained. That is why in that sense, you need to embody your lifestyle philosophies. This is because it is usual to find qualified coaches that don’t look fit at all.

If your target client with some extra weight you should be showing them that you dominated the lifestyle that they are aiming for then you need to look healthy.

Be prepared for working like a beast

In order to make your online career successful first, you will need to work extra hard. Because besides maintaining your regular job duty, you also need to write the scripts for your videos, manage your social media, posting the content and reading the feedback from your audience. All this takes time and effort.

You will need to mature a new mindset and be prepared because some other parts of your life might be left as secondary priorities. New workflow and creation of some online process can take months to start thinking that you can move forward with your online career. Because you want to build a sustainable business, not a quick buck.

Become an influencer (but not for social gain/game)

Being an influencer means to have the power to reach, “be listen” and take into consideration by a great person for your followers.

Besides, if you are an online fitness coach having this influence is going to give you authority and validity, which is helpful to sell your brand, services and products.

From the potential client perspective, they will like to get feedback from many people..”how good of a coach you are and how you were able to help all them”. Additionally if your budget alow, they can see your ads all over the internet; it is just natural for them to think that you are serious trainer or couch.

Do not stay only with the mainstream media

To become a relevant online fitness coach, the only thing that you always have to be producing is new content, new routines, exercises, diet plans and more. This is the only way your brand is going to grow and become relevant. Select what works the best for you, but don’t create falls statements to just to create content, be true to yourself and to your knowledge about the subject.

Now there are many channels from where you could distribute the content you are going to be producing and those channels are mostly free: Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Twitch to name a few.

However try sometimes testing new channels, that are not as popular, but they have good traffic. This is an excellent strategy to get to know people and start promoting your brand. However, it is usually really effective if at the start you just focus on helping them without expecting anything in return. Select the channel/s what works for you regarding the creation of the content and distribution of it. 

Offer free coaching for friends and family

At the start of your online career, you should not be focusing on the profits but in spreading the name of your brand. Because of that, you might want to give some really cheap and even free coaching sessions. There are two significant benefits by doing so:

  • You learn by doing. The fastest way to acquire the skill sets of an online fitness coach is coaching people for free to gain experience.
  • You will gain more and more referrals once people start getting results fast and that is translated into more clients and eventually more money. After all your clients are the ones that show the success of your brand, and if they love using your service, they will tell other people.

Connect with your clients with honesty

Once you start managing a big number of people, there is not going to be possible to answer each one of them individually. So you should not be promising that you are going to give them a personalize session since, in the end, everything is going to be automatized, as much as possible. Nonetheless, this does not mean that your service is not going to be effective. Structure your offering so you can deliver what you will promisse, with understanding how much time you will have.

Besides, you need to be ethical, so you should not be telling your clients that they are going to achieve their fitness goals without any effort and in a few weeks. You have to show them you care about them because this is the start of their new healthy lifestyle.

The fact that there is not going to be an individual direct communication, or if need it or designed very limited, does not mean that you cannot know what is going on with your clients’ journey through your program or coaching.

You as an expert know there are several reasons that make people binge into food or embrace other self-destructive habits: a bad break up, being fired from a job or just being sad can trigger these behaviours.

Using statistical tools, you can administrate all this information and prepare for a more meaning full coaching session.

Arms & Hands Maneuvers during Sled Training

– By Mack Pijewski

If you are looking for intense athletic training, then one of the most exclusive and advantageous equipment is the sled! Sled Training is easy and doesn’t require any complicated forms. When you are using the sled, the risk of injury is very little. Sled training is very necessary for sturdy athletes who cannot afford any inflexibility. 

Depending upon your ultimate goals, sled training could result productive in intensifying strength, power, speed, and even conditioning. Not everything at the same instant, but it can be a dynamic tool to address all of these.

Another noticeable advantage of sled training is the number of variables or options that come with it. For instance, you are flexible in adjusting speed, load, position, distance, duration, etc. Based on one’s objectives, there could hundreds of outputs of the sled work. However, one question that I been mostly asked by the athletes is that what should be my arms and hands maneuvers during the sled training? More precisely, where should my arms and hands be while I push the sled?

Well, most common exercises like squats, pushups, pull-ups, dead-lifts, etc. follow some SOP(s) (Standards of Procedure), however, up till now, I haven’t come across any standard of best practice of performing the sled training. Keeping in view, I have illustrated how someone should set-up with the sled, depending upon what he wants to get out of it.


Let’s start with the extended-arm position. This type of arrangement allows one to intensify acceleration angles, open up his pace, and maximize his strength by working at a much higher speed. However, this arrangement restricts the amount of load an athlete can hilt. Not the greatest of an output an athlete can expect from this setup is the only downside here. You cannot move max weight in this position.

The “straighten your arms” applies to the kind of programming that demand moderate to low weight on the sled. Conversely, the speed work, plyos, power work, and conditioning methods could be efficiently and effectively done from this setup; the arms-extended Sled Push.


Contrary to that, if you are willing to go hard on the training, then the arms bent position is an outstanding position for pushing maximal weight on the sled. This position creates a more solid lever system enabling the trainee to follow more in-strength programming.

 This set-up will retard your speed for the reason that the crowding of the torso and load being so near to the hips do not allow the trainee to reach a stride length that would transmit over firmly into speed.

Because of increased loading, the strength-gaining activities is going to be significantly provoking, thus will assist in getting stronger and more stable in a unilateral setting.


The answer to the above-mentioned question regarding the position of arms or hands during the training is BOTH! Both arms/hands positions are important. Try to figure out what you want to get out of the sled training and that’s it, use your head and plan accordingly.

I have explained some of the useful plus beneficial ways to use the sled and what arm/hands position would be a good choice for each.


You have to position your arms in bend form for this one. The exercise consists of using a heavy sled for 5-10 steps per leg. This exercise is intense and is great for strengthening legs and hamstrings. This exercise also comes with a squat variant as well. We can work this in as a Lunge or Split Squat. This works significantly well! The low impact boasts productive and fast results.


Arms extended

If you want to take the game of the medicine ball throws up then just grab a sled and throw it instead. This is a great power package that undertakes full body-fatigue. Power is the phenomenon that lies between extremes (max) of speed and strength on the force-deformation curve, you can carry this over into your arm position comfortably here. Here’s an interesting tip, you can start with your arms bent for max tension, later on, extend your arms at max speed.


Arms Extended here too

The Sled Sprint is a traditional exercise that enables the athletes to lean, shred or burn some turf! An athlete can go out with this inertia or variation using a much lighter load. Your focus should be on bringing-up lean, knee drive and triple extension on the focused leg, usually, the back one. Sled sprint is intended to move fast and smooth.


Arms Extended

A SLED is the only equipment in the gym that can whip you into great shape! What I suggest for the interval setup for conditioning is a 15-yard working set followed by 50 seconds of rest, repeated 10-20 times based on your capability. It’s a great generation conditioning methodology, however, there are many options to be sports explicit with flexibility on the sled. Like I said earlier, be specific about what your needs are and demands are based on your sport, then build those energy systems whichever goes with it.

These are just the temporary guidelines that I have taken out from a few pieces of research. Try them out and let me know how it goes! 

9 Proven ways to Stick to exercising and your diet

Consistency might be the best advice to give to someone pursuing a lifestyle change. Because it is so easy to know all the right steps to follow, so many useful methods, people capable of teaching you everything you need to know. However, most fitness enthusiasts fail to be able to achieve the most difficult part, staying on track for the long run.

If you are motivated to change your lifestyle here are 9 proven ways to help you to keep on track and be consistent with your goal.

1.            Build momentum bit by bit

There are some people that at the beginning of their training tend to feel like doing 6 days of a week routine without considering that they can get exhausted. And this attitude is most likely causing them to quit, especially if they used to have a sedentary lifestyle. We must start at a pace that we can keep in the long term.

Start slowly and as you get stronger, building momentum, intensify your routines. One key is to make exercising and habit: it only takes between 3 to 5 weeks to form one. Once you are able to repeat the simple routine it would get easier and more enjoyable. And to make this even easier try starting with a two-day workout routine the first month, after that you can advance to something more challenging.

This slow pace is also beneficial for dieting; start learning how to control the hunger with a low calories deficit and increase it once you build some momentum over a month.

2.            Motivation is not infinite

The power of will is like a muscle and it can get tired or depleted, and when that happens, we can lose our motivation. Therefore, it is fiscally impossible to be motivated all the time, even professional athletes can be down from time to time. However, the good news is that if you focus to make the exercise and habit then you won’t need motivation, your body will need exercise, with time. Also, take in mind that skipping training days can also become a habit, so don’t fall for that.

3.            Find a good friend

If you introduce someone else to your routines it becomes harder to skip a workout routine or eat unhealthy foods. Because no one wants to show their friends that kind of lack of determination, actually you would feel motivated to be accountable.

Make sure that your bro or sis has the same fitness level, same schedules, and goals as you. Since that would make the process easier for both.

4.            Make a precise fitness plan

It is recommendable to search for a routine adequate to your level and compatible with your goals. Because it would help you to stay on track, also it is a way to register your progress. And because of that, you are going to be able to celebrate each small victory building confidence, each day you followed the plan.

5.            Focus on monthly goals

Losing a noticeable amount of weight might take months in the best cases. Sincerely maintaining your diet and workout plan for that long might prove to be difficult, for anyone. This is why you need to keep your mind in the short-term goals and live them month by month. Once you start seeing yourself fulfilling the small goals you are going to feel motivated and committed to keeping it going.

6.            Stick to your own rules

It shows commitment to yourself to have a strict set of rules and it becomes easier to follow your own fitness plans. By example, you could start by saying to yourself to never to skip more than 3 workout sessions and always have good proteins and vegetables with most of your meals.

7.            You can improve your routines by having small habits

Habits, like sleeping 6 to 8 hours every day or eating fruit with every breakfast, are some of many small habits that can be built easily than later might be able to help you to remind your subconscious of your bigger habits and goals. After all, you are doing all of this because you wanted to change your life for the better.

Actually, there are many studies backing up that small habits have a huge impact in long term goals. Since people that are able to rest properly or drink the adequate amount of water are able to lose more weight than those who do not.

8.            Start your day by exercising

In the morning you are going to be less tired which makes more difficult to skip sessions but also there are fewer distractions since your days are just starting. Besides, it becomes easier to make healthier decisions with your meals during the rest of the days, if you start focused first thing in the morning.

9.            Do not hide behind some weak pretext

Having a healthier lifestyle is not something easy to achieve and it requires a lot of commitment. Don’t fall in those justifications: I feel tired today, there is no time, or I am busy with work, just to name some. That won’t get you anywhere just do what you have to do, and don’t feel afraid of coming out your comfort zone.

The Biggest mistakes we are making with our diets

The best way to improve is with a personal trainer

Mack 3-30-19.png

Nowadays our society is so deeply connected that it is no longer necessary to go outside to treasure hunt in our towns in order to find the perfect professional able to help us to be healthy. Instead, we can use social media in order to reach our goals in fitness.

Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms to follow experts by example: Jeanette Jenkins (@msjeanettejenkins) or Hilda Laura Amaral (@hilda.laura.amaral). Because, in real time, you are going to be able to see their routines, their results and seek their advice.

Many of these experts have years of experience, their own gymnasiums, fan clubs, and in some cases, they have published books. You can follow all their trajectory with a simple click and once you have the confidence in someone’s method you can let them help you improve your lifestyle and diet.

Do not try to change your lifestyle habits in one day

One of the most common mistake in dieting is to have a black and white vision with food. That might help us to avoid some really bad foods, like junk food, but it will not save us from bad habits. So it is recommended to have a wider perspective over what we are needing to eat.

Lowering the intakes of calories and sugar, even when it has good intentions, is not always recommended. However, precise control of calories does matter. We must keep our attention on the quality of the foods we are eating.

One rule of thumb is to seek that 80% of all our calories are made of real food prioritizing proteins, fats and vegetables. This is fishes, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and with all these the right proportion of carbohydrate depending on our energy expenses.

You are going to expend more energy the more active you are. Therefore you are going to be able to take more carbohydrates. Our body is like any other machine the more work it does the more energy is going to need.

The human organism can store the extra of carbohydrates as glycogen until certain storage capacity; we use this resource when we exercise. However, when we have that excess without any activity, it is just going to be transformed into fat.

Do not overdo yourselves

In order to improve your lifestyles, the first big steps are to change your diets and also to exercise more. However many experts agree that changing the diets might prove to be the most difficult of the two.

Usually changing our diets require a long time commitment and some painful sacrifices, at first. But exercising can be enjoyable, relaxing and it only requires a few hours of the week; that way is not near close as overwhelming to most people.

Like in any other discipline to be successful with fitness it is necessary to find something you love about it. Besides, it is best to take things one step at the time in order to build momentum. Those who are able to manage to be at a slow pace without desperate are, in most expert’s experiences, the ones that achieve the most.

Is about to improve what you have rather than changing it

People tend to see lifestyle changes as a way to change what they are into some expectation, most of the times unreal, of what they want. This view is totally wrong as it builds unnecessary weigh over our shoulders.

Before starting a new routine let’s remove the phrase “I should” from our vocabularies. Instead, try to find something you feel interested in that new lifestyle and with the new training; becoming stronger, faster, having more stamina or even just being healthier. It is better to find that thing that motivates you to seek your goal.

Take in mind that we live in an era where our time seems to be mostly busy. This is due to the easy access to a never-ending stream of information; that can take our attention in any second. That means that in order to stop saying that you are going to do it and doing it for real it is going to take some will force.

Besides you are going to find so much data and different pieces of advice about diets and exercise that won’t be a mystery if you don’t know how to even start. Because of that, just make it simple and remember your body needs amino acids (meet), minerals and vitamins (fruits and vegetables), omega 3 and omega 6 besides other fatty acids (nuts, seeds, avocados, olive oils, and oiled fishes).

The best advice to anyone interested in a goal is to celebrate the small victories. Small changes add momentum and allow you to see and feel your progress. With time all these changes are going to add up making possible everything you dreamed about.


“Your love for what you do and willingness to push yourself where others aren’t prepared to go is what will make you great.” – Laurence Shahlaei

You know you are not the only one who enthusiastically follows fitness icons like Arnold, Rock etc. and sees their pictures with massive muscles and wonder how they do it. Some of these bodybuilding professionals are blessed genetically to pack on the muscle. (More about this and power of your DNA soon)

While, very few work hard and earn their dreamed physiques, while others turn to a more unconventional way of achieving that; yes! I am talking about drugs and steroids used as a muscle enhancer, which could be very harmful to health (on various conditions if not done under medical supervision). So, you might be wondering how you can enhance your muscles and build a strong body by not just working out and taking protein shakes WITHOUT reaching for a Steroid injection. Well, I’ve got all the answers for you regarding muscle enhancers, what are the good ones, what works and most importantly, what is just a complete bust!



Protein is a traditional ingredient for cellular rebuilding. This is the end all be all when it comes to muscle enhancers. Protein isn’t just a supplement or muscle enhancer, it’s a line on the back of food labeling. It must be kept in mind that without a Protein, not even a single other muscle enhancers will work. Your muscles are made up of Proteins. You can increase the size of your muscles by working on them, tearing the muscle fibers down and build them back with the help of protein. Working out without protein consumption will surely increase your strength but you’ll never be able to increase size.

In the same manner, taking only protein without working out will boost up your energy and won’t increase the size of your muscles, so, a proper balance is a key.

Different kinds of protein options are available for you. You can take entire chickens in every meal to increase your high-quality protein, low fat and low carb levels. But, honestly, eating an entire chicken every meal really doesn’t sound great! There would be so many rotisserie chickens consumption which will definitely make you hate chicken. That’s what we do not want actually. There comes the need of Protein Powder.

One of the very best proteins easily available on the market is Casein, which greatly regulates the protein level in your body when you are working out and rebuilding your muscles. Whey Protein is another really great option. Both of these proteins absorbs slowly and ensures the safe level of protein availability. Whey Protein is much cheaper than Casein. I recommend you to always take some protein before going to the bed. By doing so, your body will digest the proteins easily and after these are digested, they can be converted into the muscles. Your muscles grow rapidly when you are sleeping.


Creatine is a thing you’ve heard thousands of time, after Protein. A Few decades ago, if you were going to the gym, you might have heard the word Creatine and assumed that someone was talking about an asteroid. Now, it might not be wrong to say that, for the reason that it does have that ring to it. It’s not something you should skirt away from; your body produces creatine naturally. Creatine actually provides essential energy used by fast twitch muscle fibers for significant moves like pushing up the bench press barbell.

But the energy provided by creatines zaps up quickly allowing you to push or sprint for a little time. That can be countered by taking more amounts of creatines, which will provide you more energy instantly and will allow you to explode up with the barbell a couple of more times. Ultimately, you will add up more resistance to your muscles and tear them down much more, which will result in a rapid increase of the size of your muscles.


I’m absolutely not urging you to just grab a box of whippets and start inhaling the gases before heading towards the gym.

It is one of the fantastic bodybuilding supplements and health supplements you should be considering. That’s because according to Nutrition Express 2018, Nitric Oxide has far more health benefits attached to this than just muscle enhancement. Nitric Oxide greatly improves information conduction between the cells of your brain and nervous system. It also

  • Regulates your blood pressure
  • Boosts your senses
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Ability to fight harmful bacteria
  • Protect your body from tumors etc
  • Protects against gastric motility
  • Enhance erectile dysfunction

In terms of bodybuilding, it enhances the flow of oxygen in the blood, the more the oxygen provision, the more will be the energy generated, and the more will be the muscle growth. The mechanism is simple to understand, it simply sends proteins, amino acids, and other muscle formation material to the muscles. Concisely, you’ll be able to earn a lot of your workout and your body will recover fast. It must be kept in the mind that your body lack suitable level of Nitric oxide if you’re a starter due to poor diet intake consisting of foods with high cholesterol and fats. Fatty foods reduce your Nitric Oxide level a lot. So, you must get used to maintaining a healthy diet plan for maintaining a suitable level of Nitric oxide.


Commonly referred to Branched-Chain Amino Acids are valine, leucine and, isoleucine. Almost all kinds of meat proteins contain these three common amino acids. Branched-Chain Amino acids lack in plant-based proteins. So, you’re not going to receive your complete amino acid regimen, if you are a vegan. The fact that you should consider the proper Amino Acid intake is that these are extremely important in assisting your muscle recover.

Amino Acids reduce potential muscle strength from working out and help your body consume more protein to rebuild your muscles. It’s the kind of supplement you’re already getting enough (in some cases, you need to determine this). Chances of getting enough BCAA become prominent when more than half of your protein is coming from actual animal protein, such as chicken, eggs, and steak etc.

Likewise, if much of your protein comes from plants, vegetable-based proteins, beans or non-meat proteins, there’s a good chance you’re not getting anywhere near the necessary BCAAs you need. In which case, adding in this supplement is crucial.




Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.. but also in the GYM

A physique that is muscular, defined and ripped is most likely to turn heads in the gym. Ripped and Rock-hard abs play the part of this whole physique package. No doubt, work on weight room floor is a must if you’re going to build muscle, but your diet is just as important – if not more so.

You can achieve your goals of gaining muscle and rock-hard, ripped abs by following some right principles, exercises and balance of macronutrients. Down below, I’ve incorporated few of these.


 It should be kept in the mind that Calorie surplus is the prior requirement for building muscles. But this doesn’t mean eating a huge quantity of ice-creams and hot dogs. Just 250 – 500 calories would be more than enough to get the job done; gain muscle. Now, in order to track out your daily calorie burn rate, use an online calculator like MyPlate, BMI calories or Calorie Mama App, etc. These platforms take in to account your body data like gender, weight and activity level.

Don’t go for high-calorie junk like sugars, refined carbs, and saturated fats when you are going to consume calories. Prepare high protein (lean) meals, including healthy fats and whole grains. For healthy fats, you can use dry fruits and avocados. IGNORE alcohol, fancy drinks and coffees; it will waste your calories.


In order to achieve a defined shape, you should reduce your carb intake. You DON’T have to go no-carb or even super low-carb to look defined. Modestly reducing your carb intake could result in getting rid of the stubborn fat! That fat that covers your stomach and prevents your six packs from showing. According to a Journal of Nutrition, it was observed that consuming 40-45 % of daily calories from Carbs boast positive effects on fat loss and distribution.

This is 200 to 215 grams daily for a standard 2,000 calorie diet. With such a plan you are still able to enjoy one or two pieces of whole fruit, a half cup of grains, such as brown rice or oatmeal, at most meals. In addition to that, you can still enjoy taking some daily dairy.


Do you know that a sufficient amount of your total daily calories comes from Protein? Proteins are the source of amino acids that enhance your muscle growth and repair process. It is recommended to take 0.72 – 0.91 grams of proteins per pound of body weight daily for bodybuilders and strength building athletes. So, if you are a person of 150 pounds, this amount is 108-137 grams of proteins daily.

I recommend you to divide your specific protein needs up among four or five meals. This could be done by eating two boiled eggs in your breakfast, grilled chicken breast in your lunch, flank steak in your dinner with low fat, Greek yogurt.


Here is a key trick for boosting up the growth of your muscles. Schedule one of your favorite meals right after your workout! By doing so, not only you will replace your burned calories, but you will enrich your muscles with nutrients for growth and recovery. Add about 20-25 grams of proteins in this meal, a post-workout whey Protein smoothie made with fruit and milk could be a nutritious option.


Massive, compound moves, such as squats and deadlifts will pay the PRICE! These types of exercises help you build muscles by multiple joint movements at once and activate many core muscles to define your shape. Try to do these exercises in terms of smaller, isolation exercises such as bicep curls. Make choices, and try to do at least one exercise that primarily focuses on major muscle group covering chest, back, arms, shoulders, hips, buttocks, and thighs. Some of the exercises that will definitely and effectively build your muscle include barbell squats.

  • Leg curls
  • Step Ups
  • Dumbbell shoulder press
  • Barbell rows
  • Dumbbell chest press
  • Dips

Down below, I’ve illustrated few tips on how to do these exercises to effectively build strong muscles and abs.


In order to constantly challenge your body and get positive results, you should vary your weight routine every month. Here are few effective tips for you to go through.


In order to get your muscles get bigger and stronger, you must challenge the muscle fibers to break down and tear off. When you are up to lifting weights, go for heavy ones that you can manage for at least five to six reps. Increase weights when eight reps feel easily doable. You need to do at least three sets of each exercise. Most importantly, give your muscles a little rest for the recovery and while in recovery mode, eat healthy food! That’s the way to go.


Here’s the thing! STOP DOING CRUNCHES all the time. You should train the superficial rectus abdominis, the front sheath of your abs. don’t burn your fats for the reason that they are relatively limited in their ability to sculpt your washboard belly.

You should increase ab-building compound exercises; do three to five extra ab-specific exercises per week. And, at each, include 5-10 Abs burning exercises. Down below, you will find exercises that focus on flexion, rotation and bending. You must try to do at least eight reps for each exercise before moving to the next.


This exercise targets both of your upper and lower portion abdominal regions. And, it requires the most core stability to keep from swinging.

  • Grab the “pull up bar” with an overhead grip or place your arms into abs straps.
  • Don’t just use your hands to pull yourself up and down. Engage your abs by pulling your belly button in toward your spine.
  • Raise your knees up past your hips and repeat it.


  • This exercise is also a very effective exercise and targets particularly the deep transverse and the obliques.
  • Get yourself into the top of a push-up or a plank resting on your toes and forearms.
  • Pull the knee in and around the side of your body and lifting it up… Try to touch your right triceps with it.
  • Keep your body rigid and repeat the process by switching to the left.


This exercise could be very effective but hard for the beginners. Try the similar exercise with a stability ball instead, it will work!

  • Get your hands on the stability ball and keep your stomach strongly pushed in toward your spine.
  • Roll the ball as far as you can. And, after that, roll it inwards… That will be your one rep. Repeat the procedure.
  • Maintaining a rigid back is the key here. Make sure to do a set Do a set or two of the roll-out angling to the right and then the left to put more emphasis on the obliques.


Last but not least is the cable wood chop. Use a cable machine set at shoulder height to do so. This exercise burns your various muscles Such as the quadrates, lumborum, and obliques, which are responsible for twisting and contribute to a cut-looking middle.

  • Stand with your left side facing the cable machine and grab the handle with both hands. Step away slightly so you feel the tension and plant your feet hip-distance apart.
  • Keep your arms extended and twist away from the anchor point, to the right.
  • Control your return to the starting position so that you resist the rotation slightly, rather than get pulled by the cable. Do all the reps on one side and then switch direction.



“Podcasts are the music for the mind…”

The present revolutionary digital age makes the availability of information at our fingertips. Nowadays, getting yourself up-to-date with the trending news and current affairs is just a single click away. But before I take you in the depths of a modern way of communication, let’s talk little about our past. It’s the matter of common observation that since the beginning of time storytelling has been the most effective form of sharing information. It was and still, it is the most effective and successful way for us to learn, relate and connect. From religious services to books, lectures, movies or theater, oral storytelling served as a vital role as the sole means of abstracting emotion in a narrative form. The storytellers of ancient time were thought of as the keepers of knowledge, tradition, and history in their communities.

But now in this swiftly moving world, the storytelling methodology has been changed greatly. This is where Podcasts comes in and now, I reckon, we must talk about it. A Podcast is something that you most probably know, but for the ones who don’t, it is basically an episodic series of audio (or a video) files which a user can download and listen to. Recently, Podcasting has become one of the most popular ways of telling stories, because of its ease of use and widespread reach. In fact, 2017 was a quite successful and phenomenal year for podcasting. Millions and millions of downloads of different serials have been seen. It has been estimated that approximately, 70 million people are listening to the podcasts every month, and that number is growing swiftly. Listeners can download the podcasts in the car, or on their computers or phone with few clicks as a digitally recorded audio. It is engaging thousands of people across the globe, expanding the reach and growing brands like never before.

Now, based on this statistical growing data, it’s quite natural to have a question about the future of the podcasts, like will it continue to grow in popularity? Will podcasts dominate the future in storytelling and sustains its growth? Or these high numbers of listeners will soon revert back to the mean?

Well, in my opinion, podcasts are here to stay and I am pretty much sure about it, for the reason that, there is no denying that podcasts are an important storytelling medium. Here are few reasons why!


Earlier in 2017, significant investments were made in podcast studio Gimlet Media (Approximately $15 million); (PNDM) podcast network Digital Media (About $9.7 million-plus) podcast distributor Art19 (PDA) (About $7.5 million) and HowStuffWorks, the spin-off network from System! ($15 million). All of these are ensuring and translating to a greater investment in content.


The significant and high number of on-going investments is quite a clear indication of Podcasts’ fantastic growing future. Actually, it’s not only the investment that’s ensuring the quality content, the ease of use and the freedom from the traditional broadcast schedule is making the difference. They can be as long or as short as you want, unlike unicast media forms.


Presently, Premier talent is interested in more than ever with such a curiosity around Podcasting. Over the past two to three years we’ve seen a few savvy celebrities stopping by to Podcast world to tell their story. So, it’s convenient to find a more meaningful audience with the idea of creating ambitious content.


We talked about Content and Talent, why not to quote some facts and figures now. It has been estimated that 57 million Americans listen to podcasts on regular basis! This might sound a lot but really it is. In these listeners, most of the people are tuning in via Apple’s “Podcasts” app. 80% of the total podcast is done on iOS devices. However, in contrast to that only 16% of podcast listening takes place on Android devices. But, I believe that this percentage is about to change soon because presently Google is also thinking of promoting its own podcasting app.


Podcasts are tremendously Portable, they go everywhere with you, literally anywhere! And by that I mean on your bed, sofa, on the toilet, in the tub, you name it. A massive change has been brought about within the face of content marketing for the reasons that it brings a real human voice into your most cherish daily activities. Unlike Video, an audio podcast doesn’t want you to look at it. You can clean, do laundries, drive, paint your nails, do your hair, whatever you want and still be connected.


The dashboards of the cars are also advancing with the advancements in the modern techniques and systems. According to the reports, 76 million new vehicles shipped in 2015, the 13% of them were having the option to connect to the internet. This will help provide easy access to streams.

In short, “Audio is one of the most intimate forms of media because you are constantly building your own images of the story in your mind and you’re creating your own production,” Rodero says. One study also illustrates that using sound effects, sounds that represent objects and sound shots increases the level of mental imagery of the listener.

Podcasting has been around for about 12 years now and today, it’s really coming into its own now.

This week, Sara , Jye Smith and I released episode on sex and fitness – “Better in Bed” PodcastEpisode 11 – “Getting fit for the bedroom”. I urge you to listen to it because there’s a lot in that episode which you shouldn’t miss.



“The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of Setting and achieving goals”- Og Mandino.

In each and every corner of the world, top-level athletes, successful business people, and achievers in all fields all set goals. This deed gives you a long-term vision, and boosts your self-confidence, plus, it also gives your life a healthy direction. Setting a goal is easier said than done and this is what that compels #MackFitt and #FitTeam, to bring you a few very easy ways to set and achieve different very essential goals in your life. Since I am based in Hong Kong so; I’ll be incorporating a few facts and figures related to this city in setting up goals. So, without a further delay, let’s jump into it.

It’s January 2018, and while celebrating the New Year’s Eve, I am getting a strong feeling that you might have thought about whether or not you are keeping a New Year’s Resolution this Year…And also looking for lifestyle changes like competing in a Spartan Race HK (discount code: MACKFITT)or half marathon or taking up a new sport. But like always, after working 2 or 3 months in the race of achieving your goal, in the end, you find yourself exhausted, sitting on the couch and thinking about never going back to training ever again. But now I think it’s enough and we need to break this myth. To help you out with this, I will try brings you the best ways which could help you a lot in achieving your goals in 2018.


At the start of the year, everyone is back to get fit and so you should be, all it takes is a little bit of time and effort to kick the things off. Step outside and you know what everything else will follow.


While paving your way to achieving the goal of being fit, keeping yourself motivated is the main key. Getting yourself charged and motivated on your own can be a little difficult and can lead you in the disastrous direction. In order to encounter that, you should train with someone or a group of people that push you and gives you extra motivation during thick and thin to carry on and progress.


Music is the key! And that is something that I’d never talk about before. Yes! Music that you love charges you a lot like nothing else! Listen to good music can give you goosebumps and emotion which you can transform into energy and helps you to remain concentrated during your workout. Music could also be a great source of stress reliever too, which ultimately gives you strength to push harder because you won’t be thinking of the negatives and pains.


One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they set their goals way too high, then their strength and when they struggle to achieve them they lose interest. Now, truly I am not against this, I reckon you should set high goals, but make sure to remember that it is going to take a while to get there. And while working hard with a very little progress may let you in a phase which could be quite boring for you. How about setting up smaller goals and smaller challenges along the way? This will definitely help you make that goal.

For instance, presently you are going to the gym two days a week, how about going 3 or 4 days a week or even 5? Suppose you are running 5KM in 10 minutes, how about setting up a challenge of running the same distance with less time interval? Now these challenges may sound interesting and get you out of the boredom! Ultimately, it will help you in achieving your bigger goal too.


Penning your progress is a good way of keeping an eye on your track to achieving the goal. Whenever you write down your progress and later on track it down, you’ll be able to see yourself developing over the time. When I started my bodybuilding transformation and training sessions when I moved to Hong Kong, I used to write a record of all the circumstances and I still do it…And I see a lot of improvements in my work when I compare the previous and present record. Getting there is way much better than before. :). In this way, you can also keep an eye on what speeded your progress and what delayed it… So, you can adopt some improvements in your goal achieving way.


By this, I mean a “Professional Personal Trainer” who could be a useful weapon when you faced with challenges that prevent you from reaching that higher level. The last sentence could have left you with a lot of questions like how to find a perfect personal trainer, etc. I have written a whole article on this, which I insist you please have a look if you are looking for a personal trainer.

A professional trainer can assist and guide you going forward with your progress. Think of them as a friend who’ll motivate and push you, and never let you down. His only wish is for you to succeed and transform yourself.


It’s the matter of common observation that people nowadays place a premium on caring for others. Although, it’s a good deed, but sometimes holding on to too much stress could be harmful to your mental health. You need to take control of your own life and make yourself to priority. I guess there is really nothing wrong with that. At the end of it all, it’s only you pitted against your soon-to-be former self and with that in mind; you should be taking care of numero UNO.


“Weight loss doesn’t begin in the gym with a dumbbell; it starts in your head with a decision.” 

Fitness can be defined as a condition that introduces us to the world of confidence and physical ethics. Mankind has always wished for a fitter and healthier body for the reason that it features uncountable physical and intellectual benefits. For instance, it might be surprising to you that being fit and healthy can significantly improve your IQ and mood; your overall mood can change permanently for the better. And there are thousands of more benefits which you can’t even think of.

Recent research shows that Obesity is the cause of many life taking diseases! So, why not to start losing weight by burning all the stubborn ugly body fat around your body?

HONK KONG is a great city, the excellence, and supremacy of this city can be imagined in such a way that over the past 150 years, it has attracted people across the globe to set up businesses and to explore opportunities! While having its own well-defined culture and identity still this city is regarded as Asia’s most cosmopolitan city. Hong Kong boasts all the amenities and supports structures and it takes to feel like a home from home for international residents.

Hong Kong health care system. Actually, Hong Kong has one of the world’s superlative and highest quality public and private health care systems. While visiting the city, you may find a lot of government and private clinics plus hospitals, offering LOW COST (budget) medicines to the citizens.


The Behavior Risk Factor Survey April 2014 revealed that 39% of the population aged 18-64 was classified as obese or overweight, which I think is quite alarming. And presently some researchers non-officially determine that this percentage has got a remarkable increase in 2016; 49.8% of the total population of this city is overweight or obese.


To be very honest, we can expect such increase in the obesity rate of individuals in this city because of certain reasons. Most of the people living in this city have a really busy routine and schedule since as mentioned earlier, it is the city of a lot of entrepreneurs.

It is quite common that for losing weight, you should exercise, get enough sleep and eat the right food. But if you’re like most entrepreneurs then probably you keep on telling yourself that you don’t have the time. For your convenience, I’ve incorporated few really easy to follow, economic and science-based ways (there could be more) which you can easily fit into an already packed and busy schedule.

But first let me, introduce yourself. My name is Mack Pijewski  FITpreneur with full dedication Helping You to achieve Physical, Mental & Business Peak.  Certified body transformation specialist and a professional nutritionist, more about me you can read on my webiste “” . Currently, I am training for Mr. Olympia HK, my second IFBB Man’s Phisique Competition.  So, now without a further delay let’s jump to some effortless ways that not only helps you to lose weight but also ensures good health & peak in your business life.

  • Be smart with your meal

Smart cooking and slow cooker both can be the lifesaver. Before heading towards work prepare a crockpot meal. You can place pre-chopped onions at the bottom of the crockpot, layer with pre-sliced mushrooms, add some frozen grass-fed meat, add spices on top of the meat, mix it with some frozen or fresh vegetables, and consider adding a can of organic tomato sauce or broth of some sort. And That’s it. Plan all of your meals ahead of the time. I recommend you to cook and prepare your food on the weekends for your breakfast and lunches etc.

  • Limit your Booze Consumption

A lot of people turn to alcohol to relax during stressful circumstances for the reason that it’s the easiest way to counter stresses and for acquiring comfort besides food. Well, drinking on regular basis adversely affects your health by resulting in constant brain fog, lethargy, and forgetfulness.

  • Be Challenging and Exercise a Bit

If you don’t have time to go to the gym in order to burn the stubborn and ugly fat and for staying healthy than this way which is my personal favorite one can help you a lot! You can simply try to do some simple minor exercise outside. For example taking the stairs instead of a lift or an escalator or walking towards your destination instead of using taxi Cabs. If your workplace is at a fair distance, you can use a bicycle than! These types of little activities and exercises can really help you a lot to stay fit and healthy. And plus you can save some amount of money as well.


It is quite amazing and helpful to have a person to help guide you in life. It could be more helpful and mesmerizing especially during stress times. Sharing your current stresses with someone can take a huge weight off your shoulders. In most cases, you’ll also receive feedback from them on blind spots and strategies to improve your circumstances.

Happy to help you with this, send me email at


If you eat clean food and in a limited manner plus if you can stop eating when you’re full, you will save yourself from a lot of calories which ultimately leads to a better health by protecting you from getting fat.

How many times you have been eating, got two-thirds of the way through the meal or the food and felt full. Did you stop eating?? Well, of course not, you probably kept going because our elders told us to finish everything on your plate.

  • 8 Hours of a sleep

For a healthy lifestyle and a perfect peace and working of mind, 8 hours of sleep is a MUST! For a perfect sleep what you can do is, keep yourself away from all the electronic devices at least an hour before the bed. Reading few pages of a good book and having a hot water bath can help you a lot.

Well, there you have it; these are the few essential ways with the help of which you ensure great physical and mental health, with a busy schedule of course!