Who is GARY VEE? Personal experience with Business Guru, Why we need them and what we can learn to Grow

“Hoping and dreaming will result in nothing, Executing against your skills is the road to success” – Gary Vaynerchuk.


Motivational saying, isn’t it? You can find tons of those inspirational and motivational quotations on the internet today from the person who is a brash, self-promotional Wine entrepreneur and a social media star “Gary Vaynerchuk” or known for his social medium name “Gary Vee.” If you spent most of your time on the internet then somewhere, you might have heard about who Garry Vee is and what he does. But those who don’t know much about Garry Vee are requested to stick to this article as in a few moments; I am going to illustrate who Gary Vee is and what lesson we procure from his life & his views. Additionally, I am going to share my own personal experience of meeting my business Guru as well.


41 year old, Gary Vaynerchuk is an American Serial Entrepreneur. He is four times New York Times bestselling author; furthermore, he is a speaker and an internet sensation for the reason that he is internationally internet personality. Gary Vee grew his wine business from $3million to $60 million in a flash using the power of the internet. It was a real feather in his cap to grow his family business to this much extent. You might be questioning how? Well, he use to do videos related to wine dumbing it down in order to make people know about wine without feeling stupid. Now you can relate how much the person was innovative and sharp to grow his business 10-15 years back when almost no one was thinking to grow their business in this way. Gary had one of his most viewed YouTube Video keynotes when there was a book named Social Nomics introduced by Eric Qualman that featured execution of social media to grow a business.


Right after that Gary stepped away from this profit-making business and told people that he is going to build VaynerMedia.  VaynerMedia was a digital ad agency which Gary Co-founded with this brother back in 2009. It was a social media-focused digital agency. The main intention of inaugurating this company was to provide social media strategies to high-end companies like PepsiCo, General Electric etc. The company earned a lot of respect plus generated a ton of revenue; VaynerMedia grossed a $100 million in revenue with 600+ employees in 2016. Today, the company has the lions share in the market place and planning to get in touch with Vimeo to connect brands and filmmakers for digital content.

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Despite being so much with the busy schedule, Gary Vee is tremendously active on social media. Although, he is an internet sensation, he still manages to make sometimes for his fans on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to answer their questions. Gary Vee is a business mentor and social media activist who basically let people know about how to increase their business, how to make profits and how they can use the modern media to strengthening their business. He shares his own personal experiences and views which motivate people to fight tooth and nail to achieve their goals. For entrepreneurs who are aiming to do something big a message which Gary Vee convey most of the time in his Youtube keynotes or videos is “Execution is everything” rather than living in the desired paradise. Personally, I watch Gary Vaynerchuk’s video seminars quite regularly and till now whatever I’ve learned from his inspirational and motivational talks can be concluded in the quotation below.

Keep your eye on the “clouds and dirt.” Keep and weigh your big picture aims and dreams in mind (the clouds) but be sure to get your hands in the nitty-gritty of on-the-ground operations (the dirt). In your life, whatever you do, just don’t get stuck in the middle. The middle is the most dangerous place. That’s the world of office politics and fretting over presentations. And that, Vaynerchuk, notifies and warns, is where your business can go flat.


Business Gurus’ has risen in popularity but it’s understandable simply because of the profit-making outcomes it offers. Your business can get more efficient and profitable when you approach a sensible and experienced business Guru. When you’re running your business in accordance with the guidance of your business guru your business will get you tremendous profits.

I know by personal experience when I first met my first business Guru, my business which was related to architecture industry gained a lot of strength. My business became more productive and the graph of my sales started to rise in a flash. My business Guru initially helped me to put me into action systems and processes that increased productivity and minimized costs. You see, there are a lot of young entrepreneurs who are not aware of the need for effective processes, but they are crucial to saving money and time and improving outcomes.

A business Guru sets up distinct processes and assigns each and every member of the firm their duties. In addition to that, it stabilizes your business when someone leaves the team. One of the very common challenges many business owners face is the development of a long-term strategy for their company’s survival.  Worse than that, some simply don’t even care for that, they don’t see a point in having a sustainable strategy. But when you have your business Mentor you will be assisted in setting up your ultimate goal and where you really want your business to go.

The same scenario happened to me now, when I start following my health and fitness passion.  I was in the proper guidance of my Business Guru. Your Guru fights to keep your business growing and loss at the bay. He assisted me in learning my own skills to evaluate my business and make enhancements to increase profitability. My business and my experience of following a business Guru is in front of you guys now. And I hope you see how business guru can benefit your business just the way I am.  If you have any questions or follow ups to the story I’m here to help you.