010 – Letao , the healing kingdom and subject of Spirituality

About Letao:

I was born and raised in Beijing and spent most of adulthood overseas to pursue my dream of spiritual counselling. 2020 is the 7th year of my spiritual journey, and my career has given me an understanding of empathy and connection to people from all walks of life who are in need of help. Being a spiritual has shed light for me to see the world differently as well as to re-value the meaning of life. It is this journey that has educated me and has enlightened me to love, to balance and to bring healing to the world

Powerhouse Questions:

1. If you will have a chance to run an ad that will reach a billion people what message you will send?

Be easy to love, hard to break and impossible to forget.

2. How people can reach you.

HP: www.thehealingkingdom.com

Official Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/letaowang/

Letao’s Astro blog: https://thekingdomhealer.hatenablog.com



Mui Thomas was born with a rare skin condition called Harlequin ichthyosis. Nobody expected her to live long, and most people all but gave up on her. When her adoptive parents came into the picture, they did everything they could to help give her a life worth living. And today Mui is determined to make the most out of each and every day, chasing her aspirations as a rugby referee, yoga instructor  and working with other people who have special needs. 






#007 – Pillars of Holistic Health with Nathan Solia

Nate is one of Hong Kong’s leading Personal Trainers, having coached 1000’s of clients over his 20 years of personal training.  He specializes in the CHEK protocol (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology) providing a holistic approach to coaching clients to achieve a transformation in body and mind,  His training is more than just traditional fitness.  

If you have aches, pain or stubborn weight that won’t go away and you have a few days in Hong Kong to apply an holistic approach to your training then consider a journey of self health discovery.

Nate is originally from New Zealand, he has been a Personal Trainer since 1998 across 4 countries – New Zealand, Australia, China, and Hong Kong for the past 17 year and is a CHEK Level 1 Practitioner, Health and Lifestyle Coach Level 2.  He also hosts Fitness Retreats in Thailand every 6 months.

Nate is also a public speaker on Holistic Health and Fitness to companies such as Morgan Stanley, Bank of Nomura, Lane Crawford. He has also featured on Hong Kong Television – TVB Pearl, speaks on his weekly Health Show on the 1-2-3 Show with Noreen – RTHK3, a guest writer and featured in the South China Morning Post, Expat Living, Southside Magazine among others.

Facebook: Eliteptstudio

IG: Eliteptstudio

Website: eliteptstudio.com

  • How did you start in fitness industry?

 Started at the end of 1998 in Australia. It was quite by accident but I liked the look of PT, it was new and I loved to train and hated being at a desk.  I moved to NZ in Dec 2019 and worked at Les Mills for 3 years. I was attracted to assisting and empoweirng people who didnt like to train yet knew they had too.  I had a lot of difficult clients but I loved the challenge. I became Head Trainer at Les Mills. Then moved to HK in 2002 to become the National Fitness Manager at FF overseeing their 7 clubs PT teams.  Been in HK every since.

  • Your Diet, nutrition and training? 

Depends on what day you talk to me on.,…..I practive the rotational diet. Eat Organic and whole as much as I can and TRY to keep to a 80/20 principle.  Training – Same – Depends on when you get me. Right now, I am doing a lot of running but I love weight training and functional training. I also have this niggling back pain at the moment and am regreassing my training to encompass correctives to rebalance that  out. I also have many otseopaths I work with as well as physio’s to keep my body in a shape that I can do anything that I feel like is a challenge and find interesting. 12 months ago, it was Judo. before that, it was touch rugby, before that it was adventure racing, triathlons. But my base is functional training using what I call primal patterns.  Stretching is big for me these days too

  • Things what people don’t know about you but it will be great if they will know?

I love to medtitate.  I am right into mindset training right now.  I am heading to Tony Robbins in September. I completed the Landmark Forum Program a couple of years ago and take on regular meditation, Qi Gong, reading and work with a business coach

  • Who is your idol/s, role models? 

Paul Chek is probably the biggest.  Arnie (You know who!), Mark Wahlberg, The Rock, The All Blacks and their coach, Steve Hanson, Tiger Woods, My mentor, John Sellery.

  • What is Happiness for you, and what kind of role play in your life? 

What is Happiness for me is always the question I conitnually ask myself. It changes all the time as I continually learn about myself and learn about others ideas.  I then form my own. My definiition is being in the moment. Be happy with who I am and who i am not.

  • Did you experience pain in your life and what kind of, and how did you deal with it? 

I havent experienced any life or lifestyle threatening pain.  But I have had physical pain a few times in my life. A few times when I thought I would not be able to teach any more. How I dealt with this same I apply to my clients – start at the beginning.  Get a good practitioner, assess the problem, find out the underlying cause, address the cause and keep addressing it until it goes away. Examples have been neck spasms, knee pain, shoulder pain, candida.  Emotional pain, I have gone through a divorce, and family troubles, business failures and what I made these mean about myself. I have always been aloof over my life and hypothetical which at times served me and other time it didnt help at all.  I also like to address these emotional pains by talking to others wiser than I, reading books, taking education programs that address the issues. Nothing works better than just being in action around the issue and what you want to be the desired income and if you don’t get the desired outcome being “content” that it turned out that way.

  • What is Holistic Health

Holistic health is basically looking at health from all perspectives – mine are Mindset, Breathing, Hydration, Nutrition, Movement, Circadian rhythm.  And all the sub categories under each of these.

  • What is family for you? (if you don’t want to talk about your family is ok)

Family is everything for me now.  It never used to be. But after having kids of my own, seeing them grow and connect with them on a deeper level.  I have also studied PET and the Landmark Foum Curricuium which gave lots of tools to support and engage with my family that has given my family and I a richness and aliveness that I had forgotten about since I was a child.

  • If you will  have a chance to run an ad what will reach a billion people what message you will send?

What are you doing to take care of your body and mind,  We all only have one and you when you retire, you want to enjoy this time….do not be one of those people who are hooked up to a machine!

#006 – DAVID WOOD – We seek to live up to our name

David Wood spent his teen years in Knoxville, TN, and enlisted for active duty in the Marine Corps from 1999 – 2003, attaining infantry Sergeant in his first two years, and serving with SRIG (Surveillance / Reconnaissance / Intelligence Group). David was deployed four times: Panama, two Marine Expeditionary Unit floats and, following 9/11, Operation Enduring Freedom as part of the first wave of troops in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

After being honorably discharged from the Marine Corps, David entered the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where he studied philosophy and religious studies, graduating with his BA. In 2009, David moved to Hong Kong, where he did liaison work for three NGOs, founded several companies that he owns and runs under the banner of DJW Holdings, and still lives with his wife and children.

David’s passion and expertise in designing and sourcing tactical clothing, gear and camo, came out of his military service. David has wanted to utilize a tactical camo pattern, breaking away from the traditional twigs and trees and focusing instead on a 3D graphic camo specifically designed to protect the urban warrior. He has learned the fabrics/design/printing/ process working intensively and intentionally with the fabric mills, printing mills and design teams.

David is also an extreme athlete and enjoys canyoning, rock-climbing, mountaineering, and Endurance Races, which led him also to design a line of athletic clothing and gear for extreme athletes. This line has been tested and is constantly being modified to suit the needs of the various extreme athletes.




#005 MASON TSE –Self Made Athlete

Not very often you will meet somebody with so much drive and passion for fitness, nutrition, and wellness like Mason. With his strong drive and conviction on discovering more about himself, he represents the future of this growing market. A market of Selfmade Athletes. We had a great talk and I hope you will enjoy the same way as I did and also you will get a good amount of Knowledge and motivation. 

Mason TSE own Introduction:

I am a Chinese-born Canadian from Toronto, Canada. During my middle school days, I did a lot of different sports to stay active, including track and field, soccer, basketball, volleyball and mountain biking. Even though I kept myself active, I was genetically the smallest and skinniest guy on the field. It wasn’t until university where I was introduced to hitting the weights at a local gym. I didn’t have the slightest clue about good form, and how crucial it is to maximize my training and stimulate muscle growth. Trying out different movements and machines hoping I wouldn’t injure myself.

Over the last five years, I’ve come a long way from when I first started. I have tried and tested many different types of fitness environments. I went from working out at home, to trying out different gyms across Hong Kong, to working out with inspiring fitness gurus. Now, I spend a lot of time learning about new fitness routines, best practices and then translate that knowledge into helping myself and others realize their fitness goals. I’ve fallen in love with working out, fitness and nutrition in general. My passion for fitness grows as I learn new tips and tricks to reach certain fitness goals.  I simply want to share my knowledge that I’ve learnt from my own experiences to inspire someone who wants to start leading a healthier lifestyle. Maybe motivate someone who wants to break out of their training comfort zone and try something new.


Don’t wait and Check out his website to learn more: https://www.selfmadeathletes.com and IG: https://www.instagram.com/masontse/


So enjoy this Powerhouse Podcast with one and only Mason Tse:

#EPISODE 004 – Hong Kong MMA fighter Ramona Pascual

Every one of us experiences a failure, a small one, and big ones. What makes us stronger is how we handle this kind of obstacles. Today I got a chance to sit down and talk with the champion, fighter and overall badass woman Ramona Pascual: Ramona is an MMA fighter out of Hong Kong. Born in a Chinese family from the Philippines, Ramona spent most of her years growing up in Hong Kong. She started learning Muay Thai just for fun at fifteen and hasn’t stopped martial arts ever since. Ramona has racked up an impressive record of 5-1 in professional Muay Thai and claimed double gold at the 2015 Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship.  Ramona is also known for her time spent on the Hong Kong National Rugby team, but due to previous injuries, she had to stop in 2012.  After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from USC and spending her early career working various desk jobs, Ramona found her calling in MMA and decided to pursue her passion in fitness.  An unfortunate knee injury accrued during training in early 2018 lead to Ramona having to pull out of the ROAD Fighting Championship in Korea — but after months of recovery she’s back and better than ever. Mark your calendars to see this tough cookie kick some butt.   IG: https://www.instagram.com/ramonacarla

EPISODE 003 – 

Hi Guys and welcome

Chris, new face, (only 20 years old ) of fitness industry in Hong Kong. She’s young, ambitious and she has a passion for content creation. Helping people discover the good path in fitness and business how to communicate with the #fit audience.

Follow Chriss on IG:

EPISODE 002 – 

STRING NGUYEN and Social Media of Fitness and the Marketplace Workshops

STRING NGUYEN is a video pioneer, bouncing between bleeding edge platforms and bringing her loyal audience with her.
So you need to ask yourself a Question:
Do You Want to Make More from Your Business?
If you intend on monetizing your influence, creativity and the content you create then you’ve come to the right place!
String is all about inspiring, teaching and supporting businesses from across the globe to produce, promote and manage their online presence that not only serves their audience but also builds revenue streams for the entrepreneurs behind them.


EPISODE 001 – 

Dom Browne and power of strength and conditioning coaching

This week I got a pleasure talking with a good friend of mine Dom Browne. Dom is Ex-International athlete and strength and conditioning coach with management experience. His Passionate about sport and always trying to learn more about coaching and different disciplines so this is how he stays on top of the game. His hardworking, dedicated and open-minded, His always aim to be the best, while trying to inspire others.
You can learn more from him online, check his profiles: