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Attitudes that only the best online fitness coaches have

If you already enjoy teaching people how to build a healthy lifestyle and even more building a specific body physique, loss fat or be better in their sport, the career of personal fitness trainer or coach is your day to day operation and your reality. Now it is time to ask yourself what next for you, maybe event for your team if you build one. Considering moving to an online model of business, this is what next!
I know you will have some concerns and a lot of questions, and I’m happy to help.

Becoming an online fitness coach has some excellent perks:

  • You can reach a greater audience, and help them.
  • The money flow is going to increase.
  • Like in any other online business, you will gain more freedom.

Here at you are going to find many lessons that would help you to become the best online fitness coach.

Work for your audience, not for your idol (ego)

A common mistake that I have seen in many new online coaches is that they tend to create content according to what they think might be liked by their fitness heroes, idols or person of inspiration. Even worse sometimes they copy them.

The fact is that if you want to connect with the public to help them to reach their goals you need to start structuring your content to make it easily understandable for people that are just starting with fitness.

Be open-minded about guidance from other experts.

It is beneficial to have access to people with different perspectives about the goals you have, how to achieve them and overall your career path. That is why you should be looking for someone that has already obtained what you are seeking for and learn from them, but not copy them.

Create a conversation or honest talk with someone successful in the niche you want to exist; this can be more helpful than reading many books about the subject, besides you will be proven that your goals are possible.

Teach with actions

Your future clients expect that their online fitness coach looks like someone well trained. That is why in that sense, you need to embody your lifestyle philosophies. This is because it is usual to find qualified coaches that don’t look fit at all.

If your target client with some extra weight you should be showing them that you dominated the lifestyle that they are aiming for then you need to look healthy.

Be prepared for working like a beast

In order to make your online career successful first, you will need to work extra hard. Because besides maintaining your regular job duty, you also need to write the scripts for your videos, manage your social media, posting the content and reading the feedback from your audience. All this takes time and effort.

You will need to mature a new mindset and be prepared because some other parts of your life might be left as secondary priorities. New workflow and creation of some online process can take months to start thinking that you can move forward with your online career. Because you want to build a sustainable business, not a quick buck.

Become an influencer (but not for social gain/game)

Being an influencer means to have the power to reach, “be listen” and take into consideration by a great person for your followers.

Besides, if you are an online fitness coach having this influence is going to give you authority and validity, which is helpful to sell your brand, services and products.

From the potential client perspective, they will like to get feedback from many people..”how good of a coach you are and how you were able to help all them”. Additionally if your budget alow, they can see your ads all over the internet; it is just natural for them to think that you are serious trainer or couch.

Do not stay only with the mainstream media

To become a relevant online fitness coach, the only thing that you always have to be producing is new content, new routines, exercises, diet plans and more. This is the only way your brand is going to grow and become relevant. Select what works the best for you, but don’t create falls statements to just to create content, be true to yourself and to your knowledge about the subject.

Now there are many channels from where you could distribute the content you are going to be producing and those channels are mostly free: Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Twitch to name a few.

However try sometimes testing new channels, that are not as popular, but they have good traffic. This is an excellent strategy to get to know people and start promoting your brand. However, it is usually really effective if at the start you just focus on helping them without expecting anything in return. Select the channel/s what works for you regarding the creation of the content and distribution of it. 

Offer free coaching for friends and family

At the start of your online career, you should not be focusing on the profits but in spreading the name of your brand. Because of that, you might want to give some really cheap and even free coaching sessions. There are two significant benefits by doing so:

  • You learn by doing. The fastest way to acquire the skill sets of an online fitness coach is coaching people for free to gain experience.
  • You will gain more and more referrals once people start getting results fast and that is translated into more clients and eventually more money. After all your clients are the ones that show the success of your brand, and if they love using your service, they will tell other people.

Connect with your clients with honesty

Once you start managing a big number of people, there is not going to be possible to answer each one of them individually. So you should not be promising that you are going to give them a personalize session since, in the end, everything is going to be automatized, as much as possible. Nonetheless, this does not mean that your service is not going to be effective. Structure your offering so you can deliver what you will promisse, with understanding how much time you will have.

Besides, you need to be ethical, so you should not be telling your clients that they are going to achieve their fitness goals without any effort and in a few weeks. You have to show them you care about them because this is the start of their new healthy lifestyle.

The fact that there is not going to be an individual direct communication, or if need it or designed very limited, does not mean that you cannot know what is going on with your clients’ journey through your program or coaching.

You as an expert know there are several reasons that make people binge into food or embrace other self-destructive habits: a bad break up, being fired from a job or just being sad can trigger these behaviours.

Using statistical tools, you can administrate all this information and prepare for a more meaning full coaching session.


Ever since I heard about the emergence of fitness and diet testing on the consumer market, I was tremendously mesmerized. The concept of a plan based on our own DNA’s just gained my affection. And, I really like this idea; it made me anticipate that DNA testing could be more helpful in the long-run. I was really curious to know what my DNA could tell me, and whether it could further help me to improve my health lifestyle through fitness and diet.


When taking these tests, I have discovered that these tests are really important & useful and totally fascinating to properly know the various things that are being tested for. Here a question arises “what are genes?”


A gene is defined as a segment of the DNA (short for deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule, which consists of the instructions for how, when and where your body makes each of the many thousands of proteins necessary for life. Our every gene consists of thousands of combinations of 4-letters that makes our genetic code. These are A, T, C and G. Indications of a predisposition to dietary issues or sporting potential can be made through different variations. We are blessed to be a part of such an advanced era where access to DNA testing has amplified a lot.


One of the very common examples of gene testing is an “A heel Prick Test.” You might’ve heard about this test before. These are carried out on all the newborn babies in the US & EU to detect few rare but serious health conditions. After that, the necessary DNA data collected from these tests are used to diagnose people with genetic conditions. However, consumer prescribed DNA tests gets results far less clinical and ruthless. For now, they are quite limited to emphasize and define correlations between gene expressions and exercise-related or dietary character. A simple, quick and non-invasive approach to collect DNA data is embraced by these kinds of tests. The DNA from cells is picked up from the inside of your mouth.


The company that I came across, providing DNA-based diet and fitness testing was “DNAFit.” I was not only the fan of what they were offering but also loved their strong branding.

The DNAFit offered a test kit which was really impressive. It was quite well-presented and easy to get used to it. The test was very simple; I woke up in the morning, opened a pack containing swab and rubbed it inside of my cheek for a minute. The swab was then enclosed in a tube, barcoded, and sent back to DNAFit for processing.


After a couple of weeks (because like you guys know, I live in Hong Kong), I got my hands on the reports. I found the reports very helpful. They appeared in a professional report format. They can be downloaded with a single click to refer to time and time again…

The report you get is very compressive, highlighting and explaining each and every aspect of providing you with your results and recommendations. I really love this kind of stuff; I get to know all my data and results in a really organized manner.

My personal DNAFit Infographic;

Also what I got:

  • Introduction to genetics and genetic engineering
  • A summary of key results
  • Results covering an explanation relationship with attribute tested
  • Additional information
  • Glossary

Though DNAFit presented a lot of data in a very clear way still, it is important to consult one of their experts to talk through this. The expert will talk you through all the aspects of my report in depth and help you in understanding the implications of the result. Working hard to improve aerobic potential may only witness small improvement to other athletes. Nevertheless, with the assistance of coach interpreting these results, anyone can tailor there training and fitness lifestyle to short & long-term goals.

So, I learned that implication of the results can be a “little” complex. It would be beneficial to seek the advice of an Athlete expert if you’re utilizing these results to amplify your sports performance.


The price range for DNAFit testing for fitness starts from $2450 HKD with a premium version which includes additional benchmarking and reporting.

DNAFit testing kit + DNAFit’s Expert advice and your consultation can be done with 50% discount code: ARCH18

Ulisses Jr. off camera about DNAFit,