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Mack Fitt Maciek Pijewski


As a personal trainer to one of Prenetics co-Founders, the idea become reality, and reality delivered the creation of the first Hong Kong unicorn Prenetics


It is common to hear “you are overthinking, let it flow” in an accusatory and demanding tone of voice, but also there are other ways that people use to say the same phrase, like for example “You are thinking too much” being the most common. However, is this such a huge problem?

Accusing someone of thinking too much is just mean and disrespectful. Because it underlines being judgmental by criticizing the other person’s personality. Actually, what it means is “you are making me feel dumb” and having to listen to you is getting tired. So basically what this attitude is saying, in many cases is “I cannot understand what you are telling, therefore, I don’t find it interesting so I am going to just change the subject”

In the case that some are telling you about a complex subject that they seem to care about but you cannot seem to find any interesting about it, please don’t go and label them with the phrase “you think too much.” Don’t just make them feel like they are just wasting their time by overthinking because it is disrespectful and it put you in a place where you denigrate their personality just because they are expressing their interest in something you don’t care about. Do not let your ego get the best of you and if the conversation is really that bad, you can always walk out of it. However, don’t forget to be respectful and excuse yourself before leaving.

There is a well-intentioned way of using the phrase but it is still wrong. For example when a good friend sees another friend using excuses, thinking anxiously or being paranoid. In this case, when the phrase “you are thinking too much” is said with compassion for the pain of a friend, what it means is “you are thinking the wrong way”. So the friend can understand that the train of thought that is using is just unhelpful for the situation. Instead of being objective, your friend is letting his or her insecurities get the best of them making them feel anxious or depressed.

So if you have someone who you care about experiencing this problem don’t just tell them “you are thinking too much” or “stop thinking about it” because again, it is disrespectful. Instead, I invite you to change your argument to “you are thinking the wrong way about it.” They are just in a place where their fears are overwhelming their thoughts. So a good friend will encourage them to think about the problem, even more, but in a different way. Suggest other perspectives on the same subject to think deeply about it.

Being a bit philosophical, it is possible to overthink?

We all know that person that is way too smart so smart and analytical so they tend to miss actual details around them just because they are trapped into their introspection, into their own imagination. So a point can be made, these people might be more interested in their thoughts than in what is going on in reality. But can we judge them, why their thought cannot be more interesting than the reality?

For instance, if someone gets lost in the idea of getting hit by a car, having an airplane crash or that they are going to be attacked by a vicious dog if they adventure outside their homes. You can tell with any remorse that they are thinking too much. But paranoid people and those situations are scarce. 

As a matter of a fact, in most social scenarios you can benefit from thinking more but only if you are thinking correctly, asking the right questions to yourself. That way “thinking more” does not mean making judgmental emphasis on other people’s motivation or being anxious or just second-guessing too much. 

Thinking more is about put some serious effort in the possibilities that are not that obvious to realize, thinking about the value of the different opinions of others and how their point of view can come across or differ from yours. And the most important, thinking more allows you to filter, to think in the undesirable effect of your words and actions on others.

I can tell by experience that people that tend to think too little are more harmful than those than think too much. You can insult people in a conversation without even realizing it just because you did not were thinking enough. When you didn’t understand a subject your friends were hinting during the conversation, porously directed to you without calling your attention; it is because you are thinking too little. When you blame an argument on someone else before contemplating their point of view and the fact that you might have contributed a great deal; it is because you are thinking shortly.

So I hope my article make you consider not to label someone with the phrase “you are overthinking,” “you think too much” or “you are giving it to much thought.” Because that attitude says more about yourself that what it says about others.

Balancing life with work; here are some personal truths

If you analyze the concept of balancing work with life it results to be an uncomfortable aspiration, for a wholesome lifestyle. Because balance is about stasis and staying in the comfort zone: happy family, kids well behaved, work doing well and then pray that everything is going to be perfect forever. Besides this way of thinking result toxic in the end because we are giving categories such as “work” is bad and “life” is good, working is a nightmare and living is a dream, we survived another day at work but instead we live our life happily. Therefore, the goal, or so we are told, is to diminish the weight of work with the pleasure of life.

However, the meaning of work is not something that we could consider as opposed to the concept of life, it is instead an important part of life as it is: family, friends, hobbies and being part of a community. Combined all these aspects of life share the good, wonderful and wholesome moments but also they share the sad ones too. And the same applies to work as well, but since we are conditioned to think in it as bad, we tend to lose sight of all the great possibilities and positivity implicit in working.

Then is logic that is going to be more positive giving up to the idea of trying to balance the unbalanced. Instead let’s treat work just the same as we do with life: by seeking the maximum benefits doing what we love. Here is what I want to say.

Please consider the next, two persons that work having exactly the same task. They appear to be gaining strength and joy in very different moments.

Let’s make the next mental exercise, think in the activities you do regularly as threads; some can be black others grey, white or even red. Then some of this threads appear to be formed by an estrange substance, with all these activities you can develop a love relationship, to say it that way: even before you do them you find that you are looking to it, while you are doing the activities times goes by quickly and after you finish you feel accomplished. These activities are red threads and the more of them you have in your life less probabilities of experiencing burnout.

In order to emulate these results with your job, you can spend a week in love of it. However, this might sound odd but what it means is just to take a regular week at work and with the help of a pad, that is going to be with you the whole week; make two columns and on top of these write “loved it” and on top of the other column “hated it.” Now during that week at any moment when you feel any of the sings of love write it in the “loved it” column and describe exactly what were you doing at that moment. But if you find yourself feeling the inverse then write it down in the “hated it” column along with the short specific details of what you were doing at the moment.

It is likely that many of your weekly activities won’t make it to the list, but since you are going to spend your week in love with your work by the end of this period you are going to see a list with plenty of activities in the “loved it” column and this activities are going to feel different to you than the rest of your work. Because they will have a different emotional value which is going to generate in you a distinctive positive feeling that is going to lift you up.

Conducted research in over nineteen countries that revealed that more than 70% of workers feel capable of modifying their job to fit their strengths better, however only 18% of workers do that so. Now your challenge is to start changing, over time, the perspective and content of your job to contain more of the things you love doing and less or any of what you hate.

Instead of thinking in categories such as “work” and “life” that we should not be trying to balance. We should be focusing in “love” and “loathe.” Then our goal should be that over time, day by day and week by week, to balance the terms of our work closer to activities we love and far from the others. And in result we are going to feel better and our colleagues too; friends are family as well because our good energy is going to be contagious.

Attitudes that only the best online fitness coaches have

If you already enjoy teaching people how to build a healthy lifestyle and even more building a specific body physique, loss fat or be better in their sport, the career of personal fitness trainer or coach is your day to day operation and your reality. Now it is time to ask yourself what next for you, maybe event for your team if you build one. Considering moving to an online model of business, this is what next!
I know you will have some concerns and a lot of questions, and I’m happy to help.

Becoming an online fitness coach has some excellent perks:

  • You can reach a greater audience, and help them.
  • The money flow is going to increase.
  • Like in any other online business, you will gain more freedom.

Here at you are going to find many lessons that would help you to become the best online fitness coach.

Work for your audience, not for your idol (ego)

A common mistake that I have seen in many new online coaches is that they tend to create content according to what they think might be liked by their fitness heroes, idols or person of inspiration. Even worse sometimes they copy them.

The fact is that if you want to connect with the public to help them to reach their goals you need to start structuring your content to make it easily understandable for people that are just starting with fitness.

Be open-minded about guidance from other experts.

It is beneficial to have access to people with different perspectives about the goals you have, how to achieve them and overall your career path. That is why you should be looking for someone that has already obtained what you are seeking for and learn from them, but not copy them.

Create a conversation or honest talk with someone successful in the niche you want to exist; this can be more helpful than reading many books about the subject, besides you will be proven that your goals are possible.

Teach with actions

Your future clients expect that their online fitness coach looks like someone well trained. That is why in that sense, you need to embody your lifestyle philosophies. This is because it is usual to find qualified coaches that don’t look fit at all.

If your target client with some extra weight you should be showing them that you dominated the lifestyle that they are aiming for then you need to look healthy.

Be prepared for working like a beast

In order to make your online career successful first, you will need to work extra hard. Because besides maintaining your regular job duty, you also need to write the scripts for your videos, manage your social media, posting the content and reading the feedback from your audience. All this takes time and effort.

You will need to mature a new mindset and be prepared because some other parts of your life might be left as secondary priorities. New workflow and creation of some online process can take months to start thinking that you can move forward with your online career. Because you want to build a sustainable business, not a quick buck.

Become an influencer (but not for social gain/game)

Being an influencer means to have the power to reach, “be listen” and take into consideration by a great person for your followers.

Besides, if you are an online fitness coach having this influence is going to give you authority and validity, which is helpful to sell your brand, services and products.

From the potential client perspective, they will like to get feedback from many people..”how good of a coach you are and how you were able to help all them”. Additionally if your budget alow, they can see your ads all over the internet; it is just natural for them to think that you are serious trainer or couch.

Do not stay only with the mainstream media

To become a relevant online fitness coach, the only thing that you always have to be producing is new content, new routines, exercises, diet plans and more. This is the only way your brand is going to grow and become relevant. Select what works the best for you, but don’t create falls statements to just to create content, be true to yourself and to your knowledge about the subject.

Now there are many channels from where you could distribute the content you are going to be producing and those channels are mostly free: Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and even Twitch to name a few.

However try sometimes testing new channels, that are not as popular, but they have good traffic. This is an excellent strategy to get to know people and start promoting your brand. However, it is usually really effective if at the start you just focus on helping them without expecting anything in return. Select the channel/s what works for you regarding the creation of the content and distribution of it. 

Offer free coaching for friends and family

At the start of your online career, you should not be focusing on the profits but in spreading the name of your brand. Because of that, you might want to give some really cheap and even free coaching sessions. There are two significant benefits by doing so:

  • You learn by doing. The fastest way to acquire the skill sets of an online fitness coach is coaching people for free to gain experience.
  • You will gain more and more referrals once people start getting results fast and that is translated into more clients and eventually more money. After all your clients are the ones that show the success of your brand, and if they love using your service, they will tell other people.

Connect with your clients with honesty

Once you start managing a big number of people, there is not going to be possible to answer each one of them individually. So you should not be promising that you are going to give them a personalize session since, in the end, everything is going to be automatized, as much as possible. Nonetheless, this does not mean that your service is not going to be effective. Structure your offering so you can deliver what you will promisse, with understanding how much time you will have.

Besides, you need to be ethical, so you should not be telling your clients that they are going to achieve their fitness goals without any effort and in a few weeks. You have to show them you care about them because this is the start of their new healthy lifestyle.

The fact that there is not going to be an individual direct communication, or if need it or designed very limited, does not mean that you cannot know what is going on with your clients’ journey through your program or coaching.

You as an expert know there are several reasons that make people binge into food or embrace other self-destructive habits: a bad break up, being fired from a job or just being sad can trigger these behaviours.

Using statistical tools, you can administrate all this information and prepare for a more meaning full coaching session.


find a gym in Hong Hong

The annual dropping rates for gyms is around 25% according to The International Health, Racquet, and Sports Club Association. Usually, people tend to join in but shortly after they leave to never come back. What would you do to avoid this issue?

Although there are many reasons for people to drop the most common ones is to feel uncomfortable and to dislike the place. You can know if the gym is going to keep you as a member as you enter through the doors for the first time. Those first impressions are very important; how is the energy of the place? Do the staff seem to be enjoying their job? Is it clean? Does it feel like a comfortable place? Do they even great you as a new costumer?

9 qualities that can be found in awesome gyms

In the Hong Kong alone there are more than 700 gyms, so there is a lot to walk before finding the one that suits you the better. Because of that we have prepared the top 10 list of things to know before choosing the right gym.

Make your first visit at your usual workout schedule

It is important to know how is the ambiance and if is overpopulated those days when you are more likely to go, on your routine. Also, take in mind if the machines you are going to be using are too crowded. If that is the case then it is better to try another gym. If we are talking about small boutique gyms with limited equipment, how creative they are with there workout.

It has a good localization

Use google maps to search for gyms near to your home or work, because according to authorities most people won’t keep driving more than 15 minutes to get to their gyms for months and months, despite how motivated they feel, it is just another obstacle to keep coming back to the gym. Easy to park locations are also advisable.

Read the contract twice before signing it

Check for extra fees in your contract especially if it automatically charges your credit card every month. Also make all the promises made by the gym, to be written down. So make sure to read between the lines and ask what happens with the contract in the case that that fitness club goes bankrupt (California Fitness, Epic or Studio Fitness). Know the legislation about changing your mind on the contract, it is usually 7 days in Hong Kong.

Put money on your membership

Once you are convinced that you are in the right gym feel free to use that membership at its max. because is most likely for you to stay and follow with your fitness aspirations if you have invested good money to it, more if you start seeing the results of the training.

What happens if you have an emergency?

At any medical emergency, you would like to be in a club prepared for it. Although many gyms have their staff trained in the basic technics of first aid like CPR.

Always look for a good variety of machines or workouts

Gym equipment is not cheap that is why in our list of priority we have to consider the clubs with the best gear. However, it is common that they have the best of one or two types of a machine but not the best of all of them, this is not a sin. Instead, check if they have only one brand of machines and all of them came from the same vendor. Because this usually means that the owner of the business just got a good deal and was not precisely thinking in offering the best for the members. Remember also that machines are not all, if you looking for class based gym check what kind of workouts they have and if this workouts benefits your fitness journey.

Check the club’s etiquette and Community

Some gyms don’t allow to go loud and grunting and they remove certain machines for not being appropriate (not my style). So if what goes with you is actually be loud and use all types of machines, first make sure what kind of culture does the club has and what is its target demographic.

Check the hygiene

With so many people using the same machines all the week, gyms are the perfect place to grow germs and keeping the facilities clean takes a lot of effort, usually, let in the hands of the night crew. More than 63% of any hand-contact surface in gyms have been tested positive for rhinovirus or common cold virus; according to the Clinical Journal of Sports medicine.

When you are visiting a new gym make sure to check if they are strict about the “wiping down after use” especially the weights. If that is not the case feel comfortable leaving the facility.

Although a professional crew should be coming every night, the rest of the employees should be also entitled to wipe down the machines frequently during the day.

Remember is not about money

Before deciding on the winner gym take in mind that your goal is to keep coming for months and years. Sometimes paying top dollar for a good membership might make you feel accountable for such inversion and that would keep you coming back. And on the other hand, if you manage to get an awesome cheap deal, the pay might be so low that you won’t mind stopping coming back one good day.


“Podcasts are the music for the mind…”

The present revolutionary digital age makes the availability of information at our fingertips. Nowadays, getting yourself up-to-date with the trending news and current affairs is just a single click away. But before I take you in the depths of a modern way of communication, let’s talk little about our past. It’s the matter of common observation that since the beginning of time storytelling has been the most effective form of sharing information. It was and still, it is the most effective and successful way for us to learn, relate and connect. From religious services to books, lectures, movies or theater, oral storytelling served as a vital role as the sole means of abstracting emotion in a narrative form. The storytellers of ancient time were thought of as the keepers of knowledge, tradition, and history in their communities.

But now in this swiftly moving world, the storytelling methodology has been changed greatly. This is where Podcasts comes in and now, I reckon, we must talk about it. A Podcast is something that you most probably know, but for the ones who don’t, it is basically an episodic series of audio (or a video) files which a user can download and listen to. Recently, Podcasting has become one of the most popular ways of telling stories, because of its ease of use and widespread reach. In fact, 2017 was a quite successful and phenomenal year for podcasting. Millions and millions of downloads of different serials have been seen. It has been estimated that approximately, 70 million people are listening to the podcasts every month, and that number is growing swiftly. Listeners can download the podcasts in the car, or on their computers or phone with few clicks as a digitally recorded audio. It is engaging thousands of people across the globe, expanding the reach and growing brands like never before.

Now, based on this statistical growing data, it’s quite natural to have a question about the future of the podcasts, like will it continue to grow in popularity? Will podcasts dominate the future in storytelling and sustains its growth? Or these high numbers of listeners will soon revert back to the mean?

Well, in my opinion, podcasts are here to stay and I am pretty much sure about it, for the reason that, there is no denying that podcasts are an important storytelling medium. Here are few reasons why!


Earlier in 2017, significant investments were made in podcast studio Gimlet Media (Approximately $15 million); (PNDM) podcast network Digital Media (About $9.7 million-plus) podcast distributor Art19 (PDA) (About $7.5 million) and HowStuffWorks, the spin-off network from System! ($15 million). All of these are ensuring and translating to a greater investment in content.


The significant and high number of on-going investments is quite a clear indication of Podcasts’ fantastic growing future. Actually, it’s not only the investment that’s ensuring the quality content, the ease of use and the freedom from the traditional broadcast schedule is making the difference. They can be as long or as short as you want, unlike unicast media forms.


Presently, Premier talent is interested in more than ever with such a curiosity around Podcasting. Over the past two to three years we’ve seen a few savvy celebrities stopping by to Podcast world to tell their story. So, it’s convenient to find a more meaningful audience with the idea of creating ambitious content.


We talked about Content and Talent, why not to quote some facts and figures now. It has been estimated that 57 million Americans listen to podcasts on regular basis! This might sound a lot but really it is. In these listeners, most of the people are tuning in via Apple’s “Podcasts” app. 80% of the total podcast is done on iOS devices. However, in contrast to that only 16% of podcast listening takes place on Android devices. But, I believe that this percentage is about to change soon because presently Google is also thinking of promoting its own podcasting app.


Podcasts are tremendously Portable, they go everywhere with you, literally anywhere! And by that I mean on your bed, sofa, on the toilet, in the tub, you name it. A massive change has been brought about within the face of content marketing for the reasons that it brings a real human voice into your most cherish daily activities. Unlike Video, an audio podcast doesn’t want you to look at it. You can clean, do laundries, drive, paint your nails, do your hair, whatever you want and still be connected.


The dashboards of the cars are also advancing with the advancements in the modern techniques and systems. According to the reports, 76 million new vehicles shipped in 2015, the 13% of them were having the option to connect to the internet. This will help provide easy access to streams.

In short, “Audio is one of the most intimate forms of media because you are constantly building your own images of the story in your mind and you’re creating your own production,” Rodero says. One study also illustrates that using sound effects, sounds that represent objects and sound shots increases the level of mental imagery of the listener.

Podcasting has been around for about 12 years now and today, it’s really coming into its own now.

This week, Sara , Jye Smith and I released episode on sex and fitness – “Better in Bed” PodcastEpisode 11 – “Getting fit for the bedroom”. I urge you to listen to it because there’s a lot in that episode which you shouldn’t miss.


Who is GARY VEE? Personal experience with Business Guru, Why we need them and what we can learn to Grow

“Hoping and dreaming will result in nothing, Executing against your skills is the road to success” – Gary Vaynerchuk.


Motivational saying, isn’t it? You can find tons of those inspirational and motivational quotations on the internet today from the person who is a brash, self-promotional Wine entrepreneur and a social media star “Gary Vaynerchuk” or known for his social medium name “Gary Vee.” If you spent most of your time on the internet then somewhere, you might have heard about who Garry Vee is and what he does. But those who don’t know much about Garry Vee are requested to stick to this article as in a few moments; I am going to illustrate who Gary Vee is and what lesson we procure from his life & his views. Additionally, I am going to share my own personal experience of meeting my business Guru as well.


41 year old, Gary Vaynerchuk is an American Serial Entrepreneur. He is four times New York Times bestselling author; furthermore, he is a speaker and an internet sensation for the reason that he is internationally internet personality. Gary Vee grew his wine business from $3million to $60 million in a flash using the power of the internet. It was a real feather in his cap to grow his family business to this much extent. You might be questioning how? Well, he use to do videos related to wine dumbing it down in order to make people know about wine without feeling stupid. Now you can relate how much the person was innovative and sharp to grow his business 10-15 years back when almost no one was thinking to grow their business in this way. Gary had one of his most viewed YouTube Video keynotes when there was a book named Social Nomics introduced by Eric Qualman that featured execution of social media to grow a business.


Right after that Gary stepped away from this profit-making business and told people that he is going to build VaynerMedia.  VaynerMedia was a digital ad agency which Gary Co-founded with this brother back in 2009. It was a social media-focused digital agency. The main intention of inaugurating this company was to provide social media strategies to high-end companies like PepsiCo, General Electric etc. The company earned a lot of respect plus generated a ton of revenue; VaynerMedia grossed a $100 million in revenue with 600+ employees in 2016. Today, the company has the lions share in the market place and planning to get in touch with Vimeo to connect brands and filmmakers for digital content.

mack fitt pijewski guru gary vee hong kong china


Despite being so much with the busy schedule, Gary Vee is tremendously active on social media. Although, he is an internet sensation, he still manages to make sometimes for his fans on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to answer their questions. Gary Vee is a business mentor and social media activist who basically let people know about how to increase their business, how to make profits and how they can use the modern media to strengthening their business. He shares his own personal experiences and views which motivate people to fight tooth and nail to achieve their goals. For entrepreneurs who are aiming to do something big a message which Gary Vee convey most of the time in his Youtube keynotes or videos is “Execution is everything” rather than living in the desired paradise. Personally, I watch Gary Vaynerchuk’s video seminars quite regularly and till now whatever I’ve learned from his inspirational and motivational talks can be concluded in the quotation below.

Keep your eye on the “clouds and dirt.” Keep and weigh your big picture aims and dreams in mind (the clouds) but be sure to get your hands in the nitty-gritty of on-the-ground operations (the dirt). In your life, whatever you do, just don’t get stuck in the middle. The middle is the most dangerous place. That’s the world of office politics and fretting over presentations. And that, Vaynerchuk, notifies and warns, is where your business can go flat.


Business Gurus’ has risen in popularity but it’s understandable simply because of the profit-making outcomes it offers. Your business can get more efficient and profitable when you approach a sensible and experienced business Guru. When you’re running your business in accordance with the guidance of your business guru your business will get you tremendous profits.

I know by personal experience when I first met my first business Guru, my business which was related to architecture industry gained a lot of strength. My business became more productive and the graph of my sales started to rise in a flash. My business Guru initially helped me to put me into action systems and processes that increased productivity and minimized costs. You see, there are a lot of young entrepreneurs who are not aware of the need for effective processes, but they are crucial to saving money and time and improving outcomes.

A business Guru sets up distinct processes and assigns each and every member of the firm their duties. In addition to that, it stabilizes your business when someone leaves the team. One of the very common challenges many business owners face is the development of a long-term strategy for their company’s survival.  Worse than that, some simply don’t even care for that, they don’t see a point in having a sustainable strategy. But when you have your business Mentor you will be assisted in setting up your ultimate goal and where you really want your business to go.

The same scenario happened to me now, when I start following my health and fitness passion.  I was in the proper guidance of my Business Guru. Your Guru fights to keep your business growing and loss at the bay. He assisted me in learning my own skills to evaluate my business and make enhancements to increase profitability. My business and my experience of following a business Guru is in front of you guys now. And I hope you see how business guru can benefit your business just the way I am.  If you have any questions or follow ups to the story I’m here to help you.

Everything Becomes Nothing, Before You’re King of the World – One on One interview with Mr. Glenn Rogers

Chance have him life while poverty, hunger, social ostracism dogged his childhood. After his father’s untimely demise, fate condemned him to servitude but courage gave him wings to fly out and above his lowly station and into the known world where racism became his greatest challenge. Not unlike the strongest metal that’s withstands the fiercest fires, the ‘Beggar from Bombay’ emerged from the ashes to build a globally favored media brand, penned an internationally accepted sales-related best seller and a billion-dollar company that’s inspired countless many, globally, all from just one quality…empathy. MR. GLENN ROGERS

An exclusive Q&A with me MACK FITT PIJEWSKI


MFP: What is the secret of success in the publishing industry? Any 3 key factors for success?

GR: It’s all about creating a niche and excelling in it. Package your product. Sell it before you make it. Immediately forget about the profit you made.


MFP: You work with many people. You have hired many team members to work with you. What are the top 3 qualities you see in the people before you hire them?

GR: Honesty. Simplicity. Persistence. 


MFP:  You have different faces as an author, publisher, entrepreneur, blogger and much more. Which is the face you love the most and why?

GR: Entrepreneur, because taking a concept from pre-birth to post-maturity with a goal of helping as many people on the way as possible is like walking a tightrope. It gives me a thrill. 


MFP: Do you have unpublished works which you would love to publish one day?

GR: Yes. I’d like to make a feature film one day. I’d started putting parts of it together a few years ago. I hope to complete it one day. 


MFP: What is the rule you have created for yourself that you will never break?

GR: To break all rules is the only rule I have that I will never break. I am spontaneous. I love to contradict myself. Predictability is boring. 


MFP: Many people complain that they don’t have time to do activities to keep them fit. What would you like to tell them?

GR: Fitness is a drug. It is addictive and contagious. All you need is the first sincere step toward seeing that fitness is NOT about others. It is about yourself. Once you GET that, the path is painless and enjoyable. Life itself becomes a pleasure. To me, fitness is a sort of meditation – a way to communicate with existence. 


MFP: What are the activities that energize you and what exhausts you?

GR: Being with nature energizes me. I can sit watching trees and animals all day long and stay totally at peace. People exhaust me.


MFP: You have visited various countries, can you share with our viewers any interesting travel experience, which changed your perspective on a few things?

GR: When you stop looking and start ‘seeing’, people and places all instantly become the same. It’s just different colors and shapes but intrinsically indifferentiable. It is in meditation that I watch the universe as if I were not a part of it at all. There I see the total insignificance of man. The lie that is ‘knowledge’ and the futility of control. Perspective is not relative. It is absolute. It is non-existant in existence.   


MFP: You have worked in different continents and different countries. Which culture or spirit of each country you loved or admired?

GR: I like simple people. So I find third world countries like the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand very relaxing and spiritually uplifting. In poverty there is abundance and in wealth there is scarcity. I prefer the richness of the poor to the bankruptcy of the rich. 


MFP: As a master of many trades, given an opportunity, what would you like to change in your life in your past, maybe a 10 years before?

GR: I’d have liked to have given my voice a little more attention. I’d have liked to go for voice training workshops and learn to sing professionally. 


MFP: Any incident in your life which left a deep impact on you?

GR: My dad’s demise when I was 12 changed my life. It opened my eyes to the cruelty of the human species which I have loathed since then. 


MFP: Tell us about your childhood.

GR: My childhood was marred by parental neglect, poverty, mal-nutrition, and despair. I would not wish anyone to go through what I did. While you could say, it made me a stronger person I would have rather been a weaker person than someone who grew up with a torn spirit.  


MFP: Who is the person or Incident, which helped you to decide your career path?

GR: Watching society cannibalize on itself made me want to join the press. I wanted to save those who were disadvantaged by the system, the way I was. One day as a young reporter i went to report on the story about the death of two kids (brother 8, and sister 5) who killed themselves. The sister died of starvation and the brother jumped from the hostel window in grief. This was because the hostel manager did not allow the sister her meals. The management tried to cover up the scandal but i fought hard to expose them. In spite of my report, the police did nothing to the hostel manager. This made me see through the hypocrisy of the system and become a rebel.   


MFP: Any three people in your life, who can never forget and why?

GR: My mother. She taught me that i could rely on and trust no one. 

My first tutor. He was the only one who truly believed that I was gifted with the power of empathy. It is the single-most quality that got me to where I am today. 

My first girlfriend. She taught me how purchasable the word ‘love’ can be. That experience made me look beyond the word and that’s when I discovered the true meaning of love. Were it not for her, i might have spent my whole life believing the lie. 


MFP: Any three important things needed to achieve success in life?

GR: 1. Never lose your ‘center’ (state of pure being). It is your anchor. Never let the winds of circumstance tear through your sails. Stay true. Be the lighthouse. 

  1. Always follow the heart and NEVER the brain. Not even once — across all decisions. 
  2. Remember – whatever you give, you will receive multi-fold. 


MFP: What do you think is important in life Wealth, Health or Love?

GR: Always love, because that is what we all are. But understanding what love takes courage. Love is unconditional. The moment is it tainted by condition, it ceases to be love. With love will come health. Wealth is a disease and has no place on the altar of love. 


MFP: For excellent relationships in the family or workforce, what are the important rules to follow?

GR: There is no ‘other’. Everyone is just YOU in different bodies. 


MFP: Do you visit India? What reminds you of India?

GR: I used to. India is not a country. It is a kaleidoscopic experience. You have to live its diverse culture, taste its rich tapestry of art and craft and immerse yourself in its billion-plus recipes to even get a drop of what it is. It is fascination on the grandest scale.  


MFP: Please tell us about a decision in your life which you have taken in a jiffy and proved to be a fantastic decision. Do you have any as such? Or all your decisions carefully calculated ones?

GR: All my decisions have been spontaneous except one. That was the decision to stop pretending to be intelligent. When i first saw that knowledge is a lie, it became clear to me that intelligence was a mis-nomer. It was then that i decided to stop trying to impress with my knowledge and i began just keeping things simple and straightforward. That’s when my career really took off. 

I can’t calculate. I work on instinct.  


MFP: What do prefer for entertainment? What do you do in your free time if you have any?

GR: I love massages, aromatherapy, and reading. 


MFP: Few things which you would always carry?

GR: 1. My awareness. 2. My friendship with the Lady in Blue   


MFP: What are the mistakes you regret in life?

GR: Trusting people. 


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