Circuit Training; Professional Expertise and View-Point

We are living in the world of too much, where technological advancement is increasing at an exponential rate. And, in order to strive for more, people are investing a lot of time and efforts in their work. As a fitness instructor and coach one of the top questions which I come across is “how can I train or exercise when I barely have enough time to takedown even any type of workout ?” Valid question, with a simple answer: Circuit Training.

Developed by R.E Morgan and G.T Anderson back in 1953, Circuit Training is an evolving and intense training exercise series. The program best fits for the individuals who have limited time to carry out intense workout. Circuit Training not only allows one to gain strength, power and hypertrophy, but also boosts up the cardiovascular system. The Circuit Training was proven to be the most effective way of enhancing your overall fitness level, scientifically by a lot of nutritionists too. If you ask me, personally I am a big fan of balanced methodology to workout. I encounter a lot of mates who just like to go heavy i-e lifting like crazy without considering the probability of over-exercising.

You can train more effectively in less time

In order to be effective the circuit training must ensure a sequence of movements with using almost any rest time between the moves; which is basically the contrary to a normal training. The idea is either to rotate through the different stations and series of movements, making use of weights and resistances such as sandbag, dumbbells or even resistance bands and bodyweight in order to develop your muscular strength. However it is important to include power into your circuit and in general exercises too that improve your cardiovascular health also.

Accelerate your metabolism while building strength, power and hypotrophy

The idea behind the circuit training method is to build metabolic resistance for that it combines intense resistance movements with almost no recovery time between sessions. The result of this is that the body is capable of building strength and muscle mass while activating the metabolism to burn fat.

They technical way of how this mechanism operate is that part of the exercise is aerobic, with cardio and anaerobic (the body is not burning oxygen but glycogen) with the weight lifting.

Workout for all the major areas of your body

Since this type of training is so intense and it does not allow much recovery time it is recommendable to limit the time of the whole session between to 45 minutes.

Besides, it is advisable for the circuit to develop from upper part of the body towards the lower body, but also it should have integrated a cardio session and a full-body exercise (resistance plus abdominals). Usually a circuit should be composed of different exercises. However the full circuit can be repeated for at least two or three times.

It is absolutely necessary that your rest between the repetitions do not go longer than 60 seconds. In case you train in a gym please make sure to add to your circuit body-weight exercises as well.

It saves you time

Let’s face it, not everyone as the spare time to full fill a complete working-out session on a classical gym. However a circuit training is a smart option because it helps you to increase your strength and the cardiovascular health as well. Besides it can also be used if you just want to try something different from your usual routine, a new challenge.

Importance of variety and moderation of the circuit training

Along with the huge beneficial effect of a proper circuit training like the increment of cardiovascular fitness and muscular development. Besides it also affect your body hormonally that way you can add to the list of benefits the release of testosterone and other grow hormones which are going to accelerate the muscle building besides accelerating the metabolism. Nonetheless and like in any other exercise session you are going to enjoy the endorphins and the good feeling associated to them, after the workout.

Have you heard about the high intensity interval training? And why is it associated to a more effective weight loss than the classical cardio. The reason why is the after burn effect where the metabolism of your body is increase around 38 hours after the workout session. This happens when your body is trained very intensively and it has to return to a normal estate and in the middle is going to burn all that fat. That is why is so important to keep the variety of the exercises in your circuit because if it became repetitive day after day your body is going to get used to and the after burn effect is going to disappear.

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