“Physical fitness is the first requisite of Happiness”- Joseph Pilates.

Being a fitness instructor, bodybuilder, online coach and nutritionist, I usually come across one very common question that is “Are fit people happier?” Well, let me tell you very explicitly that either you love it or hate it, but making regular exercise a habit is known to amplify the finest health. Though many folks scowl at the anticipation of sweat, spandex, and sit-ups, regular exercise may be a prescription for more than just keeping the doctor away. And according to some research, the link between physical fitness and happiness has been discovered. But still, the question remains, do exercise makes us happy?

Happiness is quite a subjective abstract. But, few scientists and researchers are of the opinion that happiness is the emotion that has to do a lot with genetics and an array of environmental factors like education, income, relationship status, religion, and health. And most importantly, the one that precepts of personal happiness is physical health. You know, exercise has been proven to be a cure for almost everything in life from warding off sickness and diseases to maintaining or regulating a hormonal balance and managing stress. These are the few reasons why people who workout are happier than those who do not. When you exercise, you basically are stimulating the production of disease-fighting proteins known as antibodies, which fights and encounters invaders like bacteria and virus.

In addition to that, regular exercise makes you physically active which is quite essential in combating the stress and sickness, a key component of happiness. So, what triggers happiness when we exercise? Well, when we work out we build or amplify more muscles and more stamina. Our daily activities like climbing stairs, carrying grocery become much easier. In addition to it, when you workout, your brain releases a special chemical called endorphins, which plays a key role in producing feelings of euphoria, which generally is associated with “high.” This special chemical amplifies the production of sex hormones, such as norepinephrine, which enhance mood and create a sense of well-being.

Just as I interpreted earlier, exercise can also increase happiness by assisting to reduce stress. This is because when we workout, we kill or burn the stress hormone commonly known as cortisol. High Cortisol level and too much stress can trigger feelings of nervousness and anxiety while declining motivation and proper functioning of the immune system. So, how much you should exercise to make yourself happy? Well, for the time being, it’s not clear about the certain amount of exercise which can guarantee happiness. But some scientists and physicians suggest developing a habit of doing 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise can help get over depression and anger.

But, as we know, every picture has two sides, similarly, exercise may contribute to happiness and helps in the reduction of depression and anger but it’s not the only cause of a smiling face. Fitness freaks aren’t guaranteed happy living either. What I am trying to illustrate is that, although physical activity has a great influence on our sense of well-being, it is also very essential to have the wisdom of purpose, belonging, financial security and positive interactions with the society.

It is also possible that happy people are more likely to workout or exercise than the others and that exercise could have no effect on their prosperous life. In addition to that, it is also not clear whether physical inactivity causes downbeat feelings or not. Usually, whenever people get into the depression, they tend to avoid exercise.

Also, there are few cases appeared in when exercise contributed to the unhappiness like in the case of exercise addiction, and fitness freaks and enthusiasts who tend to test their bodies beyond their capabilities, end up in getting dangerous injuries. Sometimes, lack of proper knowledge of how the body works in reaction to the workout. Many fitness enthusiasts faced cardiac arrest because of excessive exercise and fatigue.

Excess of anything is bad for health; I keep on repeating this quotation in my blogs. A balanced life is a key. Happiness is among the many benefits of exercise and I reckoned it’s probably still worth taking a jog around the neighborhood or lift some weights. Regular exercise keeps you healthy, active and sharp, even reduces stress, but you must keep this in your mind that this is not the solution to all the health issues. Some of them need proper medication and prescription.

So, the bottom line of today’s conversation is that exercising regularly could be very beneficial for your health. And health, I reckon, is directly related to our happiness. If you’re healthy, feeling good and strong, then you’ll be prosperous with your life and yourself too. Always remember that it’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself and to make your happiness a Priority. It’s just necessary.

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