Ever since I heard about the emergence of fitness and diet testing on the consumer market, I was tremendously mesmerized. The concept of a plan based on our own DNA’s just gained my affection. And, I really like this idea; it made me anticipate that DNA testing could be more helpful in the long-run. I was really curious to know what my DNA could tell me, and whether it could further help me to improve my health lifestyle through fitness and diet.


When taking these tests, I have discovered that these tests are really important & useful and totally fascinating to properly know the various things that are being tested for. Here a question arises “what are genes?”


A gene is defined as a segment of the DNA (short for deoxyribonucleic acid) molecule, which consists of the instructions for how, when and where your body makes each of the many thousands of proteins necessary for life. Our every gene consists of thousands of combinations of 4-letters that makes our genetic code. These are A, T, C and G. Indications of a predisposition to dietary issues or sporting potential can be made through different variations. We are blessed to be a part of such an advanced era where access to DNA testing has amplified a lot.


One of the very common examples of gene testing is an “A heel Prick Test.” You might’ve heard about this test before. These are carried out on all the newborn babies in the US & EU to detect few rare but serious health conditions. After that, the necessary DNA data collected from these tests are used to diagnose people with genetic conditions. However, consumer prescribed DNA tests gets results far less clinical and ruthless. For now, they are quite limited to emphasize and define correlations between gene expressions and exercise-related or dietary character. A simple, quick and non-invasive approach to collect DNA data is embraced by these kinds of tests. The DNA from cells is picked up from the inside of your mouth.


The company that I came across, providing DNA-based diet and fitness testing was “DNAFit.” I was not only the fan of what they were offering but also loved their strong branding.

The DNAFit offered a test kit which was really impressive. It was quite well-presented and easy to get used to it. The test was very simple; I woke up in the morning, opened a pack containing swab and rubbed it inside of my cheek for a minute. The swab was then enclosed in a tube, barcoded, and sent back to DNAFit for processing.


After a couple of weeks (because like you guys know, I live in Hong Kong), I got my hands on the reports. I found the reports very helpful. They appeared in a professional report format. They can be downloaded with a single click to refer to time and time again…

The report you get is very compressive, highlighting and explaining each and every aspect of providing you with your results and recommendations. I really love this kind of stuff; I get to know all my data and results in a really organized manner.

My personal DNAFit Infographic;

Also what I got:

  • Introduction to genetics and genetic engineering
  • A summary of key results
  • Results covering an explanation relationship with attribute tested
  • Additional information
  • Glossary

Though DNAFit presented a lot of data in a very clear way still, it is important to consult one of their experts to talk through this. The expert will talk you through all the aspects of my report in depth and help you in understanding the implications of the result. Working hard to improve aerobic potential may only witness small improvement to other athletes. Nevertheless, with the assistance of coach interpreting these results, anyone can tailor there training and fitness lifestyle to short & long-term goals.

So, I learned that implication of the results can be a “little” complex. It would be beneficial to seek the advice of an Athlete expert if you’re utilizing these results to amplify your sports performance.


The price range for DNAFit testing for fitness starts from $2450 HKD with a premium version which includes additional benchmarking and reporting.

DNAFit testing kit + DNAFit’s Expert advice and your consultation can be done with 50% discount code: ARCH18

Ulisses Jr. off camera about DNAFit, 

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