“Your love for what you do and willingness to push yourself where others aren’t prepared to go is what will make you great.” – Laurence Shahlaei

You know you are not the only one who enthusiastically follows fitness icons like Arnold, Rock etc. and sees their pictures with massive muscles and wonder how they do it. Some of these bodybuilding professionals are blessed genetically to pack on the muscle. (More about this and power of your DNA soon)

While, very few work hard and earn their dreamed physiques, while others turn to a more unconventional way of achieving that; yes! I am talking about drugs and steroids used as a muscle enhancer, which could be very harmful to health (on various conditions if not done under medical supervision). So, you might be wondering how you can enhance your muscles and build a strong body by not just working out and taking protein shakes WITHOUT reaching for a Steroid injection. Well, I’ve got all the answers for you regarding muscle enhancers, what are the good ones, what works and most importantly, what is just a complete bust!



Protein is a traditional ingredient for cellular rebuilding. This is the end all be all when it comes to muscle enhancers. Protein isn’t just a supplement or muscle enhancer, it’s a line on the back of food labeling. It must be kept in mind that without a Protein, not even a single other muscle enhancers will work. Your muscles are made up of Proteins. You can increase the size of your muscles by working on them, tearing the muscle fibers down and build them back with the help of protein. Working out without protein consumption will surely increase your strength but you’ll never be able to increase size.

In the same manner, taking only protein without working out will boost up your energy and won’t increase the size of your muscles, so, a proper balance is a key.

Different kinds of protein options are available for you. You can take entire chickens in every meal to increase your high-quality protein, low fat and low carb levels. But, honestly, eating an entire chicken every meal really doesn’t sound great! There would be so many rotisserie chickens consumption which will definitely make you hate chicken. That’s what we do not want actually. There comes the need of Protein Powder.

One of the very best proteins easily available on the market is Casein, which greatly regulates the protein level in your body when you are working out and rebuilding your muscles. Whey Protein is another really great option. Both of these proteins absorbs slowly and ensures the safe level of protein availability. Whey Protein is much cheaper than Casein. I recommend you to always take some protein before going to the bed. By doing so, your body will digest the proteins easily and after these are digested, they can be converted into the muscles. Your muscles grow rapidly when you are sleeping.


Creatine is a thing you’ve heard thousands of time, after Protein. A Few decades ago, if you were going to the gym, you might have heard the word Creatine and assumed that someone was talking about an asteroid. Now, it might not be wrong to say that, for the reason that it does have that ring to it. It’s not something you should skirt away from; your body produces creatine naturally. Creatine actually provides essential energy used by fast twitch muscle fibers for significant moves like pushing up the bench press barbell.

But the energy provided by creatines zaps up quickly allowing you to push or sprint for a little time. That can be countered by taking more amounts of creatines, which will provide you more energy instantly and will allow you to explode up with the barbell a couple of more times. Ultimately, you will add up more resistance to your muscles and tear them down much more, which will result in a rapid increase of the size of your muscles.


I’m absolutely not urging you to just grab a box of whippets and start inhaling the gases before heading towards the gym.

It is one of the fantastic bodybuilding supplements and health supplements you should be considering. That’s because according to Nutrition Express 2018, Nitric Oxide has far more health benefits attached to this than just muscle enhancement. Nitric Oxide greatly improves information conduction between the cells of your brain and nervous system. It also

  • Regulates your blood pressure
  • Boosts your senses
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Ability to fight harmful bacteria
  • Protect your body from tumors etc
  • Protects against gastric motility
  • Enhance erectile dysfunction

In terms of bodybuilding, it enhances the flow of oxygen in the blood, the more the oxygen provision, the more will be the energy generated, and the more will be the muscle growth. The mechanism is simple to understand, it simply sends proteins, amino acids, and other muscle formation material to the muscles. Concisely, you’ll be able to earn a lot of your workout and your body will recover fast. It must be kept in the mind that your body lack suitable level of Nitric oxide if you’re a starter due to poor diet intake consisting of foods with high cholesterol and fats. Fatty foods reduce your Nitric Oxide level a lot. So, you must get used to maintaining a healthy diet plan for maintaining a suitable level of Nitric oxide.


Commonly referred to Branched-Chain Amino Acids are valine, leucine and, isoleucine. Almost all kinds of meat proteins contain these three common amino acids. Branched-Chain Amino acids lack in plant-based proteins. So, you’re not going to receive your complete amino acid regimen, if you are a vegan. The fact that you should consider the proper Amino Acid intake is that these are extremely important in assisting your muscle recover.

Amino Acids reduce potential muscle strength from working out and help your body consume more protein to rebuild your muscles. It’s the kind of supplement you’re already getting enough (in some cases, you need to determine this). Chances of getting enough BCAA become prominent when more than half of your protein is coming from actual animal protein, such as chicken, eggs, and steak etc.

Likewise, if much of your protein comes from plants, vegetable-based proteins, beans or non-meat proteins, there’s a good chance you’re not getting anywhere near the necessary BCAAs you need. In which case, adding in this supplement is crucial.




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