“The victory of success is half won when one gains the habit of Setting and achieving goals”- Og Mandino.

In each and every corner of the world, top-level athletes, successful business people, and achievers in all fields all set goals. This deed gives you a long-term vision, and boosts your self-confidence, plus, it also gives your life a healthy direction. Setting a goal is easier said than done and this is what that compels #MackFitt and #FitTeam, to bring you a few very easy ways to set and achieve different very essential goals in your life. Since I am based in Hong Kong so; I’ll be incorporating a few facts and figures related to this city in setting up goals. So, without a further delay, let’s jump into it.

It’s January 2018, and while celebrating the New Year’s Eve, I am getting a strong feeling that you might have thought about whether or not you are keeping a New Year’s Resolution this Year…And also looking for lifestyle changes like competing in a Spartan Race HK (discount code: MACKFITT)or half marathon or taking up a new sport. But like always, after working 2 or 3 months in the race of achieving your goal, in the end, you find yourself exhausted, sitting on the couch and thinking about never going back to training ever again. But now I think it’s enough and we need to break this myth. To help you out with this, I will try brings you the best ways which could help you a lot in achieving your goals in 2018.


At the start of the year, everyone is back to get fit and so you should be, all it takes is a little bit of time and effort to kick the things off. Step outside and you know what everything else will follow.


While paving your way to achieving the goal of being fit, keeping yourself motivated is the main key. Getting yourself charged and motivated on your own can be a little difficult and can lead you in the disastrous direction. In order to encounter that, you should train with someone or a group of people that push you and gives you extra motivation during thick and thin to carry on and progress.


Music is the key! And that is something that I’d never talk about before. Yes! Music that you love charges you a lot like nothing else! Listen to good music can give you goosebumps and emotion which you can transform into energy and helps you to remain concentrated during your workout. Music could also be a great source of stress reliever too, which ultimately gives you strength to push harder because you won’t be thinking of the negatives and pains.


One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they set their goals way too high, then their strength and when they struggle to achieve them they lose interest. Now, truly I am not against this, I reckon you should set high goals, but make sure to remember that it is going to take a while to get there. And while working hard with a very little progress may let you in a phase which could be quite boring for you. How about setting up smaller goals and smaller challenges along the way? This will definitely help you make that goal.

For instance, presently you are going to the gym two days a week, how about going 3 or 4 days a week or even 5? Suppose you are running 5KM in 10 minutes, how about setting up a challenge of running the same distance with less time interval? Now these challenges may sound interesting and get you out of the boredom! Ultimately, it will help you in achieving your bigger goal too.


Penning your progress is a good way of keeping an eye on your track to achieving the goal. Whenever you write down your progress and later on track it down, you’ll be able to see yourself developing over the time. When I started my bodybuilding transformation and training sessions when I moved to Hong Kong, I used to write a record of all the circumstances and I still do it…And I see a lot of improvements in my work when I compare the previous and present record. Getting there is way much better than before. :). In this way, you can also keep an eye on what speeded your progress and what delayed it… So, you can adopt some improvements in your goal achieving way.


By this, I mean a “Professional Personal Trainer” who could be a useful weapon when you faced with challenges that prevent you from reaching that higher level. The last sentence could have left you with a lot of questions like how to find a perfect personal trainer, etc. I have written a whole article on this, which I insist you please have a look if you are looking for a personal trainer.

A professional trainer can assist and guide you going forward with your progress. Think of them as a friend who’ll motivate and push you, and never let you down. His only wish is for you to succeed and transform yourself.


It’s the matter of common observation that people nowadays place a premium on caring for others. Although, it’s a good deed, but sometimes holding on to too much stress could be harmful to your mental health. You need to take control of your own life and make yourself to priority. I guess there is really nothing wrong with that. At the end of it all, it’s only you pitted against your soon-to-be former self and with that in mind; you should be taking care of numero UNO.

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