Why Yoga is Important in Bodybuilding Lifestyle.

“Yoga is a life-saver, it adds years to your life and life to your years.” – Alan Finger

Over the past few decades “Yoga” has become quite popular. It is a type of spiritual, mental and physical exercise.  A large number of famous athletes, politicians, and oldies are doing it. In fact, there is no demographic of individuals who are devoted to yoga, it runs the gamut. A very common question that arises in the mind of almost every person, not devoted to yoga is that, ‘why are so many people doing it.?” And what are the benefits of doing Yoga? Well, through this article I am going to let you guys familiarize with the benefits and significance of Yoga and how it enhances a lifestyle especially, a bodybuilding lifestyle.

Most of the bodybuilders or weightlifter’s ambition is to get huge and they usually focus on working out with heavy ass weights, rods and dumbbells. Now, after a while, people are getting huge, but the main problem is that their bodies get a bit stiff and inflexible. Your muscles get inelastic with time to time and your joints settle into a limited range of motion. Now, that may seem to be a bit weird if you have got a massive body and you can’t even reach behind your back at all when you try to slide your arm. Now here is what YOGA can do! Ever since you take your first yoga class you start to notice your body loosening up! And with time to time, your body becomes quite flexible.

Yoga can also be very essential because some research shows that it can be somewhat helpful in losing weight. That’s because, with regular practice of yoga, we tend to become more sensitive to the kind of food our body asks for and time we take. So, when you start to take care of your diet, you start to check on your weight.

A few minutes of yoga during the day can be a great way to counter the stress that accumulates daily; in both the mind and the body. Yoga postures, pranayama, and meditation can be really effective techniques to release stress. And that’s not it! Yoga can also improve your immunity because of the Yoga poses which basically massages the organs and strengthen muscles; breathing techniques and meditation release stress and improve immunity. So, when you counter stress you think and feel well.

Yoga can also enhance your sleep; you basically sleep well! And you know how much important the sleep is in bodybuilding lifestyle! According to the study conducted at Harvard Medical School, researchers investigated how a daily yoga practice might affect sleep for people suffering from insomnia. And after 8-10 weeks, they found tremendous improvements in Participants’ sleep quality and quantity. So, when you sleep well, you give your muscles proper time for the relaxation and restoration.


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My name is Mack and I am a certified body transformation specialist, professional nutritionist  and IFBB Athlite. I had recently returned to yoga and from my own personal experience I am seriously satisfied with the results, and I would definitely recommend all of you to start doing YOGA for more enhanced and great bodybuilding lifestyle.


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