The holiday season is the most wonderful and the most exciting time of the year. And, whenever, we heard “holiday season,” the most probable occasion that tickles in our mind is the beautiful and the magical occasion of the “Christmas.” The joy of shopping for the perfect gifts and the exultation of scheduling holiday parties makes this part of the year full of ecstasy and most rememberable. Our entire favorite flavored food and beverages are out on parade, from cookie assortments to cheesy appetizers and much more.
With all those full of excitement, parties and delicious plus delightful beverages, it’s probably not the most magical and best time of the year for our health. With all those foods and laziness, chances of getting stubborn fat around your body increase as well.
But! It’s the end of the year and it will be so uncool that all your other friends and folks are partying around and you are sitting alone. So, YEAH! It’s okay to CHEAT a little. But you don’t have to throw away 11 months of progress in the 25 days before Christmas.
The good news is that still, you can completely enjoy the holiday season without starting the New Year off with pounds to lose. My name is Mark and I am a certified body transformation specialist and a professional nutritionist. I’ve incorporated few very simple and easy to follow ways which will help you stay on track this holiday season while still enjoying holiday cheer.


Getting yourself fit and healthy in a Holiday season can be really hard for those who actually work hard in their working days. People really want to get their selves relax. Between parties, out of town trips and spending time at the mall, it can be tough to fit in your exercise time. But I reckon, maintaining your routine is quite essential if you want to avoid weight gain. So, the best possible solution to this problem is to work out or exercise in the morning! Morning exercises are more likely to be effective for many reasons. If you have started your day in a healthy way then you’re more likely to resist the random fat gaining food.


Many facts show that dehydration can trigger hunger pangs. Drinking water instantaneously not only helps you get rid of dehydration, but it can also curb overeating. Here is what I suggest! Before you indulge in a holiday meal or dip into the appetizers, drink 2 glasses of water. This will help you a lot because the water will help you feel fuller faster, so ultimately you will eat fewer calories.



You might have heard somewhere that “If you fail to plan, plan to fail.” When it comes to maintaining your level of fitness during a holiday season, then this quotation certainly holds very true. Focus a little on your diet as well as on your exercise. Don’t binge and be lazy throughout the whole month of December, or else you’ll be sorry in January. Take a little control of your workouts and cheat in moderation. For instance, when you know on those certain dates you are going to traveling so plan ahead the time of your workouts. Schedule every workout for the month of December and January and make it a point to stay on track. When it comes to your diet set appropriate and easy to follow guidelines the week before the parties and gatherings as well. Set some limits for yourself while filling your plate to help you stay in control.



Motivation is the main key which can help you a lot to stay healthy during the holiday season. During the holidays, you might get a feeling that you are the only one trying to stay on track. Yeah! I know that feeling bro! Take that feel in a positive sense and make yourself a bit unique. You can also workout with another fit friend or a family member during this month. In this way, you can encourage each other to enjoy treats in moderation and maintain exercise routines. Ask them to workout daily with you.



High-calorie foods and sweet treats are more likely to test anyone’s willpower, especially when your stomach is already growing. Make a strong decision to stock your car, fridge, and workspace with healthy options that can grab easily when you are craving some holiday snacks. Firstly, satisfy your hunger, and after that, if you want to cheat just a little, go for it!
And yeah, when it comes to parties, don’t be afraid to bring some green. This will help you stick to an easy veggie tray or fruit plate. This way, you’ll have at least one healthy option to fill-up on the party.



It might be difficult for most of us! Yeah, it’s a holiday season everyone around you is getting drunk and enjoying hard. But you have to limit your alcohol intake because these winter warmers can contain up to 500+ calories each. And if it is extremely hard for you to control yourself, well, then you can go for low-calorie drinks like vodka sodas, the alcohol can lower your inhibitions, which means you are more likely to snack on higher calorie foods or reach for holiday leftovers a bit soon.
An average person gains 1-2 pounds of stubborn fat during the holidays and doesn’t ever lose it, but you have to trust yourself, you don’t have to be “average.” Maintain your weight or even lose a couple of pounds this holiday season by tightening your routines and remaining accountable to your diet goals.
Well, there you have it, now you know a lot of ways which can help you a lot to stay on track and to keep yourself fit and healthy during the entire holiday season while fully enjoy it as well.

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