“Weight loss doesn’t begin in the gym with a dumbbell; it starts in your head with a decision.” 

Fitness can be defined as a condition that introduces us to the world of confidence and physical ethics. Mankind has always wished for a fitter and healthier body for the reason that it features uncountable physical and intellectual benefits. For instance, it might be surprising to you that being fit and healthy can significantly improve your IQ and mood; your overall mood can change permanently for the better. And there are thousands of more benefits which you can’t even think of.

Recent research shows that Obesity is the cause of many life taking diseases! So, why not to start losing weight by burning all the stubborn ugly body fat around your body?

HONK KONG is a great city, the excellence, and supremacy of this city can be imagined in such a way that over the past 150 years, it has attracted people across the globe to set up businesses and to explore opportunities! While having its own well-defined culture and identity still this city is regarded as Asia’s most cosmopolitan city. Hong Kong boasts all the amenities and supports structures and it takes to feel like a home from home for international residents.

Hong Kong health care system. Actually, Hong Kong has one of the world’s superlative and highest quality public and private health care systems. While visiting the city, you may find a lot of government and private clinics plus hospitals, offering LOW COST (budget) medicines to the citizens.


The Behavior Risk Factor Survey April 2014 revealed that 39% of the population aged 18-64 was classified as obese or overweight, which I think is quite alarming. And presently some researchers non-officially determine that this percentage has got a remarkable increase in 2016; 49.8% of the total population of this city is overweight or obese.


To be very honest, we can expect such increase in the obesity rate of individuals in this city because of certain reasons. Most of the people living in this city have a really busy routine and schedule since as mentioned earlier, it is the city of a lot of entrepreneurs.

It is quite common that for losing weight, you should exercise, get enough sleep and eat the right food. But if you’re like most entrepreneurs then probably you keep on telling yourself that you don’t have the time. For your convenience, I’ve incorporated few really easy to follow, economic and science-based ways (there could be more) which you can easily fit into an already packed and busy schedule.

But first let me, introduce yourself. My name is Mack Pijewski  FITpreneur with full dedication Helping You to achieve Physical, Mental & Business Peak.  Certified body transformation specialist and a professional nutritionist, more about me you can read on my webiste “” . Currently, I am training for Mr. Olympia HK, my second IFBB Man’s Phisique Competition.  So, now without a further delay let’s jump to some effortless ways that not only helps you to lose weight but also ensures good health & peak in your business life.

  • Be smart with your meal

Smart cooking and slow cooker both can be the lifesaver. Before heading towards work prepare a crockpot meal. You can place pre-chopped onions at the bottom of the crockpot, layer with pre-sliced mushrooms, add some frozen grass-fed meat, add spices on top of the meat, mix it with some frozen or fresh vegetables, and consider adding a can of organic tomato sauce or broth of some sort. And That’s it. Plan all of your meals ahead of the time. I recommend you to cook and prepare your food on the weekends for your breakfast and lunches etc.

  • Limit your Booze Consumption

A lot of people turn to alcohol to relax during stressful circumstances for the reason that it’s the easiest way to counter stresses and for acquiring comfort besides food. Well, drinking on regular basis adversely affects your health by resulting in constant brain fog, lethargy, and forgetfulness.

  • Be Challenging and Exercise a Bit

If you don’t have time to go to the gym in order to burn the stubborn and ugly fat and for staying healthy than this way which is my personal favorite one can help you a lot! You can simply try to do some simple minor exercise outside. For example taking the stairs instead of a lift or an escalator or walking towards your destination instead of using taxi Cabs. If your workplace is at a fair distance, you can use a bicycle than! These types of little activities and exercises can really help you a lot to stay fit and healthy. And plus you can save some amount of money as well.


It is quite amazing and helpful to have a person to help guide you in life. It could be more helpful and mesmerizing especially during stress times. Sharing your current stresses with someone can take a huge weight off your shoulders. In most cases, you’ll also receive feedback from them on blind spots and strategies to improve your circumstances.

Happy to help you with this, send me email at


If you eat clean food and in a limited manner plus if you can stop eating when you’re full, you will save yourself from a lot of calories which ultimately leads to a better health by protecting you from getting fat.

How many times you have been eating, got two-thirds of the way through the meal or the food and felt full. Did you stop eating?? Well, of course not, you probably kept going because our elders told us to finish everything on your plate.

  • 8 Hours of a sleep

For a healthy lifestyle and a perfect peace and working of mind, 8 hours of sleep is a MUST! For a perfect sleep what you can do is, keep yourself away from all the electronic devices at least an hour before the bed. Reading few pages of a good book and having a hot water bath can help you a lot.

Well, there you have it; these are the few essential ways with the help of which you ensure great physical and mental health, with a busy schedule of course!


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